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Real Estate & Building

The higher school of real estate management: We have been pioneers in this field for over thirty years. Become part of an interdisciplinary industry network!

Experts from science and business created the first university education in the German-speaking world in this area. Due to the professionalization of the real estate industry, the demand for well-trained graduates continues to rise steadily. Targeted continuing education creates a professional advantage for career paths for which pure practical experience is not enough. In order to move from being a generalist to a specialist, one must intensively study the three pillars of the real estate industry: Technology, Law and Economics. By no means will only theory be taught, but much emphasis will also be placed on practical experience. Particular emphasis is placed on "real-life cases", in which specific topics are dealt with in interdisciplinary small groups. This promotes professional and personal exchange and allows you to benefit from networking opportunities.

Compact Programs in Real Estate & Building


Preparation course master builder - Module 3 (in German)

The competence of a master builder is non-controversial in the austrian building economy. The large education pitch on interdisciplinary know-how and lay the foundation stone for networked planning and contruction.

Outer shell (in German)

The outer shell plays an increasingly decisive role in the construction of buildings. It contributes significantly to the quality of construction work and is an important aspect of building protection.

Building in the "Gründerzeit" style (in German)

For structural alterations of Gründerzeit houses, the survey of the actual condition is an essential part of the application for a building permit. Among other things, this is intended to prevent structural changes, such as high-quality attic conversions, from being carried out in buildings that will no longer be stable or usable within the foreseeable future.

Engineering timber construction: Part 1&2 (in German)

With this course, you will receive an introduction to the essential contents of EC5 as the current design standard for timber structures, taking into account national supplements. You will get to know the context and background of current EC5 design recommendations and also receive tips for the practical implementation of tasks with the help of structural analysis software (Dlubal) using practical examples. If necessary, there is also the opportunity to address personal questions and discuss them in general.

Earthquake verification in existing buildings (in German)

In the basic course you will receive information on building dynamics, formal basics, verifications and special features according to the age of the building as well as on computational and static verifications. The advanced course focuses on the in-depth study of structural dynamics and statics as well as on the execution of calculations, practical examples and exercises.

Healthcare Facility Consulting

„Healthcare Facility Consulting“ deals with consultancy in the context of healthcare facility planning. Activities in that field take place at the border between business management, medicine and the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) sector; they are embedded into a regulatory context in which the healthcare facility operates (e. g. social insurance).

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