The different legally possible procedures

Legally possible appointment procedures

From a legal point of view, the appointment procedures are fundamentally regulated in Section 98 of the Universities Act 2002 (appointment procedure for university professors) and Section 99 and Section 99a (abbreviated appointment procedures for university professors).

Here is a table listing and a description of the legally possible appointment procedures (AP):

Type of AP temporary/permanent position Announcement Selection committee Brief description Mention in the development plan
§ 98      permanent (temporary only in exceptinal cases) national/ international Appointment comittee (appointed by senate) classic professorship, primarly for external recruitment Yes, by name (except for a limitation < 3 Jahre)
§ 99(1) temporary (max. 5 years), expiration only through a § 98 procedure national/ international no appointment comittee (different panel) for short-term personnel recruitment externally and internally no
§ 99(4) permanent national appointment comittee (appointed by senate) Career opportunity for in-house candidates (Associate Prof. oder a.o. Prof.) not by name, only number
§ 99a  temporary (max. 5 years), expiration possible (QV) nor no appointment comittee (different panel) for recruiting outstanding personalities no

§ 98, § 99(4) and § 99a professorships are formulated in the university-specific part of the statute "appointment procedure, opens an external URL in a new window" or explained in more detail in its "explanations on the appointment procedure, opens an external URL in a new window". § 99(1) procedures are explained in more detail in an information sheet, opens an external URL in a new window.

§ 98 Professorship:

(see also §98 and § 99(4) appointment procedures, opens in new window)

§ 98 Professorships are the classic professorships and are usually announced for an permanent period. Once the procedure has been initiated by the Rectorate, the Senate appoints an appointment committee which, after the end of the application period - the call for applications takes place both nationally and internationally - has the task of drawing up a list of the (usually three) most suitable candidates with the help of external reports, among other things. The rector chooses from this list and thus starts the appointment negotiations.

Permanent professorships or those limited to more than 3 years are defined or “dedicated” in a university’s development plan. The "Development Plan 2025+ of the Vienna University of Technology, opens an external URL in a new window (Version 3 from October 2021)" currently applies to the TU Wien, in which the planned § 98 professorships for the periods 2021-2024 and 2025-2028 were defined.

§ 99(1) Professorship:

Section 99 (1) UG Professorships are accepted for a limited period of up to five years using an abbreviated procedure. An extension of the appointment is only possible after a procedure according to § 98 has been carried out. § 99(1) Professorships represent a way of filling fixed-term positions relatively quickly (there is no provision here for appointing an appointments committee); only the university professors of the subject area have to be heard here. The call for applications takes place nationally (University Bulletin) and internationally.

These professorships are not listed in the development plan.

§ 99(4) Professuren:

(see also §98 and § 99(4) appointment procedures, opens in new window)

Das Berufungsverfahren gemäß § 99 Abs. 4 UG richtet sich an Universitätsdozent_innen und Assoziierte Professor_innen der eigenen Universität und stellt somit einen In-House Karrierepfad dar. Sie sind unbefristete Stellen. Die Ausschreibung erfolgt nur national durch das Mitteilungsblatt der Universität. Für das Verfahren selbst wird vom Senat eine Berufungskommission eingesetzt.

Im Entwicklungsplan wird dazu lediglich die Anzahl der hierfür freizugebenen Stellen festgelegt.

§ 99a Professorships:

Professorships according to § 99a UG are also shortened appointment procedures "for the purpose of proactively recruiting scientifically or artistically outstanding personalities". In contrast to § 99(1) professorships, a § 99a professorship is limited to 5 years in advance, but can be extended after successful completion of a qualification examination.

A technical dedication in the development plan is not planned.

§ 99 (5-7) Tenure-Track:

A tenure-track position in accordance with § 99 para. 5-7 UG enables - after obtaining a doctorate - an academic career at a university in a "so-called" career position (creation of a qualification agreement, assistant professor) which, if the qualification agreement is fulfilled positively, a permanent position as an associated university professor. More details are explained in the Career Positions Guideline, opens an external URL in a new window.

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