Linear Cascade Wind Tunnel

The linear cascade wind tunnel conducts investigations using airfoils for axial compressors and turbines in a planar setup. Inside the lab, a 30kW asynchronous motor powers the compressor of this low velocity wind tunnel (Ma < 0,2), where air is taken from the environment and the outlet has an atmospheric pressure. There are several features which can be used for experiments within the wind tunnel, including 1) a turbulence screen setting the turbulent intensity to 4% within the cascade inlet; 2) a maximum useable outlet area up to 150mm x 600mm, 3) a cascade fixture which can be rotated to allow for different inlet angles, and 4) a test stand equipped with measurement systems to gauge surface pressures on airfoils and flow fields using an automated traversing system with either: a) pressure probes (inclusive of 3- and 5-hole probes), or b) hot-wire anemometry (DANTEC Streamline).

The linear blade lattice wind tunnel laboratory for fluid flow machinery