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Diversity Management at TU Wien

TU Wien is particularly concerned to support all university members in their different life phases and career paths, in all their differences and commonalities. In doing so, Diversity Management pursues the goal of achieving an appreciative overall atmosphere at TU Wien, counteracting social discrimination against employees and students, and continuously improving equal opportunities.

"A diverse workforce is the best resource to enable the flexibility, innovation and creativity required for technical, university and social processes." (Source: TU Wien Equality Plan, 2017).

At TU Wien, we believe that all university employees must be involved in the implementation of this vision so that we can achieve a resource-oriented, respectful diversity culture in the long term. To achieve this goal, TU Wien Diversity Management operates in different fields of action:

For excellent science, we need the ideas, collaboration, and drive of everyone, regardless of their gender, color, country of origin, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

Thersia Knobloch

Theresia, Knobloch, Research Unit of Microelectronics, TU Wien, on the occasion of her sub auspiciis doctoral speech

Aktuelle Aktivitäten

Studying in the Neurodiversity Spec lecturers on November 6th + 10thtrum Info sessions for students and

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Studying on the Neurodiversity Spectrum: Information events for students and lecturers on the topic of AD(H)S and autism spectrum (ASD).

AD(H)S (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and Autism Spectrum (ASD) are household words to most people. Yet prevailing stereotypes such as "ADHD is only found in children" or "autistic people are all highly gifted nerds" define the notion of how and who those affected are. In fact, neurodiversity and the respective manifestations encompass a broad spectrum and affect more people than assumed.

To what extent AD(H)S or ASD affect the management of everyday study and how to deal with it, four self-afflicted experts answer in the context of two lectures:

For students:

on 6th of November, 1-5 pm (followed by questions and networking)

in Kuppelsaal, Karlsplatz 13, 4th floor

For lecturers:

on 10th of November, 12-2 pm

in lecture hall Radinger, Campus Getreidemarkt, building BD, 1st floor

or online via Livestream: 

https://live.video.tuwien.ac.at/room/bd01b33/player.html, opens an external URL in a new window

This was the Pride Biz Business Forum on September 13, 2023 at TU Wien

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Is AI unbiased?
LGBTIQ+ and Artificial Intelligence

Under this motto, the 11th LGBTIQ+ Business Forum , again together with the initiator IBM, took place. This year's host of the forum was the Vienna University of Technology.

During the forum, we approached the question of the extent to which artificial intelligence has the potential to prevent or fuel discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people from very different perspectives.

Participants included Katta Spiel with a keynote on "The database can't do it yet - What we learn from queer data about technical infrastructures" and Peter Purgathofer during the panel discussion.

Diversity E-Learnings

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What is diversity actually about? What is sexual harassment? Do you think you have ever experienced unconscious bias? The best opportunity to find out for sure is the Diversity E-Learning offer, which was developed for the TU Wien on the initiative of Vice Rector Anna Steiger (Human Resources and Gender) and Vice Rector Kurt Matyas (Studies and Teaching) and is now available to all TU members, students and employees alike.

All Diversity E-Learning courses are barrier-free and available in both German and English and can be completed on your own laptop, regardless of time or location.

  • Employees can find the Diversity E-Learning offer in TUWEL. If you would like a certificate of participation, please register additionally in the internal continuing education course programm in TISS under the category "Diversity".
  • Students can find the Diversity E-learning offer in TISS

Ukraine Aid

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The Rectorate supports students and scientists from Ukraine and Russia with immediately effective aid measures and offers.

In the press release of the Austrian University Conference (uniko) of February 28, 2022, TU Wien rector Sabine Seidler states, "Our unrestricted solidarity goes to the entire Ukrainian population, the scientists and students on the ground or fleeing, as well as the numerous partner universities and scientific institutions whose future is uncertain."

At the same time, she said, it is also important to send a signal to Russian students, scientists and activists who are raising their voices against the war at great risk and facing massive repression. "We will not allow the war to divide our universities. Science, art and peaceful coexistence are our common language."

All info about Ukraine Aid at TU Wien can be found here.

LGBTIQ* - Ally Network

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The TU Wien ALLY* Network was launched in 2020 following an international model to improve the acceptance of LGBTIQ* people at TU Wien and to successively establish a culture of openness.

"All members of the TU Wien, employees and students alike, should be able to openly admit their sexual orientation or gender identity without having to experience disadvantages for their career or studies" emphasizes Vice Rector Anna Steiger, initiator of the Ally Network at the TU Wien.

According to the Federal Equal Treatment Act as well as the University Act 2002, the TU Wien is obliged to protect its members from discrimination.

The TU Wien ALLY* Network is committed to ensuring that all employees and students, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, can work and study freely and without discrimination at the TU Wien.

If you want to get in contact, please click here.

Psychosocial Counselling for Students

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In the course of your studies, you may sometimes find yourself in situations where you feel particularly stressed, perhaps even overwhelmed or disoriented. In these situations it is good to get support! With the psychosocial student counseling, TU Vienna has created its own service for TU students, which is intended to help master stressful situations and strengthen one's own competencies in dealing with current and future challenges and problems.

Sometimes it is good to discuss the current situation in a confidential individual setting. In this case, individual counseling is right for you.

Sometimes it is also helpful to take advantage of a group offer on a specific topic (e.g. exam anxiety, loss of motivation) together with other students who are currently in a similar situation.

All services are of course free of charge and confidential. Detailed information on individual counseling and current group offerings you can find here.