Over a space of more than 400m2, the laboratory of the research unit fluid flow machinery hosts an impressive variety of test stands. These testing areas are permanently installed and enable a variety of research and teaching methods and practices for educational purposes. Within the hall, there is a test field spanning 14m x 4m that is equipped with clamping rails and can be used for research projects, industrial cooperation or student projects on a temporary basis. The general infrastructure of the laboratory also includes a pressurized air supply, a water based cooling system and a crane with a lifting capacity of up to 5000kg.

Within the laboratory for thermal fluid flow machinery, experiments are undertaken on rotating machinery (inclusive of a cold air turbine, small gas turbine, etc.), as well as component test stands (e.g. linear cascade wind tunnel, labyrinth seal rotor). To support various experiments and investigations, pressure and temperature sensors are calibrated using a free stream wind tunnel. Additionally, a variety of  fans and compressors are available to supply a wide range of mass flows and pressures for experimental, variable purposes.

The laboratory also hosts three types of compressors, allowing for varying pressure tests. These compressors enable research into turbines, air flows, gas flows, among other experimental investigations in support of the aforementioned testing areas.