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Development Plan 2030

The Development Plan 2030 defines the strategic orientation of TU Wien and provides information on how TU Wien positions itself, what it wants to achieve in the future and where it sets its priorities. It forms the basis for the performance agreements for the periods 2025-2027 and 2028-2030.

Organisational plan

Performance Agreement

The performance agreement specifies the goals and projects of TU Wien for a three-year performance period and regulates the financial allocations of the federal government for this period. The key point of this public law agreement is the focus of TU Wien on its core tasks and processes.

Performance Agreements - Faculties 2022-24

According to § 22 of the University law as amended, target agreements are to be concluded between the Rectorate and the faculties. The present target agreements are based on the Development Plan 2025 , opens a file in a new windowand the Performance Agreement 2019–2021, opens an external URL in a new window of TU Wien.

Digitalisation Strategy

This document reflects the fundamental understanding of TU Wien on digitalisation and builds the basis for the design of the topic of digitalisation at TU Wien. Status: 11/2018. 

TU Wien Community Strategy

The TU Wien Community is a vital network with an environment in which potential students are addressed and current students are supported in successfully completing their studies. The Community also includes people in relevant stakeholder groups who remain connected to TU Wien throughout their lives.

Intellectual Capital Report

The intellectual capital statement is a central element of TU Wien's reporting system. The report makes the use of the knowledge resources at the university visible and illustrates a holistic presentation, evaluation and communication of intangible assets, performance processes and their impact. 

In addition to a narrative part and a report on the implementation of the goals and projects in the performance agreement, the TU Wien publishes a total of 26 key figures annually in the intellectual capital statement to depict predominantly intangible assets or outputs in research/development and development of the arts as well as teaching.

Financial statement 

The financial statement provides an overview of TU Wien's economic development. However, the systematics and terminology of double-entry bookkeeping should not be adopted without reflection. Terms such as "Profit" or "turnover" cannot be adopted 1:1 for a university - in contrast to conventional companies.

Corporate Governance Report

Quality Strategy

The quality strategy of the TU Wien maps which operational quality goals TU Wien derives and defines from its strategic goals.

TU Wien International

TU Wien's international activities in teaching and research are strategically channeled using a newly created strategy concept.

Quarterly Reports

The quarterly report is published quarterly in accordance with the rules of procedure of the Rectorate. It reports to the University Council on the activities in all service areas of the TU Wien in the previous three months.

Quality Audit

The Swiss Agency for Accreditation and Quality Assurance has completed the auditing of the TUW Quality Management System (QMS).