Technology for People

In order to enable universities to fulfil their specific social tasks – scientific research and teaching as well as raising public awareness – the high good of freedom of research and teaching must be preserved and continuously cultivated. TU Wien is firmly anchored in Austria's innovation and science system. In accordance with its mission statement ‘Technology for People’, this anchoring is built on the following foundations and values:

  • Research
  • Academic Affairs
  • Participation

Research – Developing Excellence in Scientific Research

As a premier research university we build our reputation through our scientific and artistic research. TU Wien conducts research and pursues the advancement of the arts (both in the specialist and trans- and interdisciplinary subjects offered). It is committed to maintain the high standards it has achieved and to further enhance them by networking, collaborating and pooling its strengths in national and international collaborations.


The research portfolio of TU Wien currently features five main areas of research, opens in new window:

  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • Quantum Physics and Quantum Technologies
  • Materials and Matter
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Energy and Environment

These five areas and their research fields are where the university’s specific strengths and expertise lie. They form the TU Wien research matrix with their cross-faculty activities and raise our profile among the global competition. Our researchers collaborateacross scientific disciplines to conduct research in these and related areas, continually widening their research scope.

Freedom and ethics

TU Wien is an institution of scientific research, teaching, and development and advancement of the arts with a strong commitment to excellence and unequivocal emphasis on academic integrity. Following international standards of best academic practice, advancing the fields of science and technology in all areas of education and research is of paramount importance to our research and teaching staff. Society’s confidence in science rests on honesty, responsibility and accountability in all aspects of research and research-led teaching, but also on the ability of researchers to critically reflect on their work and their interactions with their peers. These values also serve as pillars to support the highly valued freedom of academic inquery. Pursuing world-class research and teaching and being accountable to the scientific community and the general public requires us to observe the highest standards of integrity and ethics. 


TU Wien is at the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful cities, boasting one of the highest standards of living and acting as a gateway to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The university uses this unique geographic location and cultural environment to its advantage at every level: to attract outstanding students and employees, to host international conferences and meetings, to initiate and pursue on strategic partnerships and to attract and establish innovative companies. This allows the university, together with its community and alumni, to drive economic activity and
support Vienna’s growth as a place for business and scientific research at the heart of an innovative Europe.


How basic and applied research feed one another allows us to map out the entire value chain from research in engineering and natural sciences to innovation. Progressing ‘from theory to realization – from concept to application’ in the spirit of an ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship University’ involves all key aspects, from developing and conducting research projects to using their findings for commercial purposes.

Knowledge and technology transfer

TU Wien aims at training world-class experts and preparing its graduates to take on leading and constructive roles in society. Both graduates and scientific staff at TU Wien use their expertise and develop networks to advance the transfer of knowledge and technology to business and society. In doing so, they contribute to maintaining a competitive edge on the world stage and making Austria an even more innovative place for research and business. TU Wien aims at taking a the lead in expanding the transfer of knowledge from basic research to technology, business, and society, taking into consideration its societal impact well beyond purely technical aspects. While scientific research is essential for devising new technologies, this is not a goal in itself. Our vision is to transform what is scientifically possible into innovative products,services, processes that can make our world more compassionate, more socially responsible and a better place to live.

Academic Affairs – Teaching a comprehensive set of skills

At TU Wien, teaching and research are closely intertwined: excellent teaching depends on excellent research, and only leading researchers in their field are able to take our students forward to the next levels of science and technology.

Teaching at TU Wien serves two goals:

One goals is to impart scientific and technical skills. The second goal is to give our graduates the social and communicative skills to contribute their knowledge to the successful solution of ever increasingly complex and societal problems. Such skills not only meet the demands of the job market but also give our graduates a competitive edge. 

In addition to solid basic training, our courses teach students how to acquire knowledge for themselves so that they can deal with the challenges of future rapid growth of knowledge within scientific and technical disciplines. That is why TU Wien also offers its graduates and other interested parties a diverse array of postgraduate study opportunities.


TU Wien makes every effort to help prospective students to succeed while maintaining high standards and the internationally renowned quality of our curricula and teaching. The university is proud to stand by its commitment to quality of our education and training programs.

A degree at TU Wien is a sign of recognition of excellence. Students are strongly supported in reaching their academic goals, but their commitment to hard work and enthusiasm for rigorous scientific work is essential for success. They learn about this commitment to quality from very early on in their studies. Our students bring their passion for technology and science to a dynamic place where people share expertise with an appetite for discovery and knowledge. As a result, all students leave their mark on their alma mater. A university degree provides a solid scientific foundation which graduates can build on to specialise in subjects relevant to their interests. This scientific education aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of the subject area, enabling them to keep up with the constantly evolving state of knowledge. The skills that they acquire give them the best footing to embark on a successful career after graduation. Our established quality management ensures that there is a shared culture of quality which helps to create flourishing partnerships between different disciplines.

Teaching methods

What makes a university excellent are not just its curricula, but the way courses are taught. With its teaching training programs, TU Wien aims to support its teaching staff in tutoring and mentoring students by providing advanced training, giving advice, sharing experiences and using self-reflection. This ensures that our students are taught by professors who are not only specialists in their fields but also experts in teaching methods. Aiming for relevance to practical applications is an essential component of
teaching at TU Wien, giving students a rich learning experience. The university also gives its students a great degree of freedom in choosing their curricula to promote a sense of personal responsibility for learning at the university and throughout life. This method-oriented solid foundation gives students the tools required for lifelong learning. Involving students in ongoing research programmes at TUW is key to train young scientists and to preparethem for future challenges in academia, industry, or business.

Participation – Opening up new Opportunities

TU Wien gives everyone in its community equal opportunities to develop their talents and to succeed in their endeavours. Preventing discrimination against people and improving equal opportunities are at the heart of how we operate. We learn from history by critically examining our past.

Higher Education

In keeping with the Humboldtian model of higher education, TU Wien considers itself to be an institution that generates and expands knowledge through research and promotes critical and independent thinking. As such, inclusion and participation are a key tenet of cooperation within the university. Looking at the results of the ‘TU Vision 2025+, opens in new window’ process, TU Wien is aiming for a key role in shaping the complex modern world. It strives for scientific and technological leadership and positions itself as a ‘university of the future’, providing solutions to a wide range of problems such as energy supply, climate change, health, infrastructure, security, mobility, water, poverty, education and social peace.

TU Wien employs science and technological advances to create innovation, commercial and industrial benefits, and added cultural value for society. Excellence at the university encompasses scientific, socio-economic and artistic qualities.


As a technical university, TU Wien is best placed to continue to advance its role as an innovative driver of digital transformation within society. Digitalisation pursues implementation in …

  • research
  • teaching
  • administration