"An open heart shows an open mind"

     Friedrich von Schiller

LGBTIQ* in Science and Technic

For a long time, engineering was considered a male-only domain. Now it has been recognized how important it is to foster broad interest and enthusiasm for technology among all people. Diversity in research teams and university teaching in particular is crucial in this regard.

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Supporting the LGBTIQ*-Community as an Ally

At TU Wien we have our own staff network called "TU Allies" to make a tangible difference in areas that are important to our LGBTIQ*-community. The aim of the network is to raise the profile of diversity and inclusion and to promote the acceptance of LGBTIQ*-employees and students.

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The LGBTIQ*-Community at TU Wien

TU Wien stands for "technology for people". Our university therefore particularly supports its members from the LGBTIQ*-community and values their contributions and life experience, which they bring to us each day.

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