Our Esteem for the LGBTIQ*-Community

TU Wien appreciates lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer staff and students because of the unique lived experiences they bring to our workplace and auditoriums. At TU Wien, as is increasingly the case across the entire academic sector, we recognise the benefits of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. After all, diversity leads to a more innovative way of working – critical for Engineering and science as a whole.

How we support our LGBTIQ*-Community

Our mission statement at TU Wien is “Technik für Menschen”. Our support for staff and students of diverse sex, sexuality and gender aims to strengthen this ethos to enable a place of work and learning where everyone can thrive and be their authentic selves:

  • We model the behaviours we expect. We provide visible leadership to drive the cultural change required at our university.
  • We believe in education as a driving force.
  • We speak out and challenge inappropriate behaviour.
  • When our principles are not adhered to, we take prompt action.
  • We are open and transparent and willing to learn from our mistakes.

Queer Students

HTU is the student representative body at TU Wien and advocates for the rights of students from the LGBTQIA+ community, among many other issues. The Department for Queer Affairs regularly organizes meetings where queer students can get to know each other and exchange ideas and offers opportunities for information and awareness-raising around LGBTIQ*-issues:

HTU is also part of queer@hochschulen, opens an external URL in a new window, an umbrella organization for people from universities all over Austria who implement projects for LGBTIQ*-students. Among other things, queer@hochschulen, opens an external URL in a new window also always participates together in the Vienna Rainbow Parade:

Need Help from our Allies?

LGBTIQ* people often face discrimination and hatred - usually owing to fear and misunderstanding of these communities. While we often can do only little if discrimination originates from their communities, families and social environment, we can still come together to create a welcoming and safer environment at TU Wien as we continue toward our mission of fostering a diverse environment.

If you feel that as a member of the LGBTIQ*-Community you are being discriminated or oppressed you can reach out to our allies at any time:

  • Contact out Ally-Network at TU Wien

Anonymous reporting office

The HTU offers an anonymous reporting office where incidents of discrimination or violence can be reported. The HTU then initiates further steps and contacts the responsible persons at TU Vienna. In doing so, the person concerned is involved as much or as little as he or she wishes: