The industrial building seminars were initiated by Prof. Sommer in 2000 and have been led by Prof. Achammer together with Prof. Kovacic since 2003.

Starting on the evening before with a keynote speech by a prominent speaker, the following two days were filled with exciting specialist lectures and project presentations with their finger on the pulse of the times. The visit to a wine tavern on the evening of the first day of lectures was always particularly popular and offered the opportunity to exchange ideas with guests from home and abroad and to meet up with esteemed colleagues and partners. Sponsors contributed significantly to the success of the event.

All seminars are linked by the examination of urgent issues and innovation in industrial construction, as well as in the entire AEC industry. The fundamental question is always how the most innovative part of construction - industrial construction - can can contribute to mastering the challenges of our time in architecture and construction. The lively discussion will be held in good tradition under the still valid Vitruvian criterias Utilitas - Firmitas - Venustas with speakers and participants from science, planning, execution and operation.

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Industrial building seminars 2003 to 2022