Ever since Alan Turing laid the theoretical foundations for machines that can process algorithms in 1936, the term "AI" has been on everyone's lips and is developing rapidly. Artificial intelligence not only characterises our everyday lives, but also influences economic sectors such as industrial construction. Although the integration of AI offers many opportunities, it also harbours risks.

This year's IREM Symposium 2024 picks up the conversation on this and, together with the Industrial Building Seminar at TU Wien, is dedicated to the topic of "The future of industrial construction: transformation through AI". Bernhard Schölkopf from the Max Planck Institute will open this year's event with his keynote lecture "The opportunities of AI". In addition, high-calibre speakers will provide different perspectives on AI in the production and industrial construction sector. They will discuss the opportunities in terms of digitalisation, lean and sustainability with the audience. You can expect exciting presentations based on real case studies. As AI brings with it numerous opportunities as well as risks, the symposium will close with a keynote speech by Niki Popper from TU Wien on "AI as a risk".

You can look forward to interesting presentations and controversial discussions, which will be continued in smaller groups at the stand-up reception. The reception also invites you to exchange ideas about the symposium / industrial construction seminar and to expand your network.

Further information on the programme, procedure and registration can be found at:

https://www.rem.uni-stuttgart.de/irem/events/symposium/symposium-2024/, opens an external URL in a new window