About us

The Integrated Planning and Industrial Building Research Unit stands for process innovation in the planning of buildings, especially in industrial construction. On a national and international scale, we are leading experts in Building Information Modelling and integral, interdisciplinary construction planning methodology. We see ourselves as bridging the gap between civil engineering and architecture.
Our special focus is on strengthening interdisciplinary cooperation, which we represent in numerous courses in the research area. The use of digital technologies - BIM and the coupling of simulation and optimisation tools - is intended to facilitate interdisciplinary work and increase planning quality. This approach is pursued in the RESEARCH-DRIVEN TEACHING, in the interdisciplinary project-based courses: Integrated BIM Design Lab and Concrete Student Trophy. Coupled with research projects, we explore here together with students how the different disciplines work together in the early planning phases and develop methods for process optimisation through the use of customised digital workflows and tools.
In numerous research projects such as SCI_BIM, BIMaterial, BIM_Chain, Wohnen 4.0, new planning methods are being developed which, supported by BIM, enable resource-optimised, efficient planning and construction.
We conduct basic research (SFB "Advanced Computational Design") as well as application-oriented research in cooperation with industry and strive to involve students in the research projects in order to accelerate the introduction of innovation into planning practice through the younger generations.
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