Construction goes Digital

Under the title Construction goes digital, we have - following the long tradition of our chair - examined the disruptive changes that our industry is facing - or are we already in the midst of them? - with contributions from science, practice and industry.
We welcomed Dr. Frank Neuberg from AUTODESK, who reported on the latest software solutions for Building Information Modelling, as well as Prof. Helmut Pottmann from the Vienna University of Technology, the leading expert for complex geometry and its structural implementation, and Martin Tamke from CITA, Copenhagen, who presented innovations in computer-aided design tools and methods.
On the evening of the first day of the seminar, there was the usual joint visit to a wine tavern, while the second day of the seminar ended with the opportunity to take part in the spectacular award ceremony of the IG Lebenszyklus Bau startup initiative.
Under the motto DBS "Digitize today's building industry", 10 leading companies in the industry were looking for the start-ups with the best solutions for the planning, construction, operation and financing of buildings.
Completely new ideas were in demand, as well as transformable software and hardware product(s) or services from other industries.