Five Modules to Executive MBA

In our Core Module "Management & Technology Essentials", you will acquire a basic technical understanding and key business management qualifications to build up the ability to have a say and make decisions on general management issues against the background of technological developments. In the Module Leadership & Organizational Behavior you will grow beyond yourself and get to know your leadership behavior in a new way. Experience and application-oriented learning as well as intensive exchange and interaction in small groups will raise your leadership competence to a new level and strengthen your self-image as a leader.

At the next station students will get deeper insights into the structure and processes in the automotive and supply industry to be able to perceive holistically the specialties, problems, methods and upcoming trends of production and logistics in the automotive industry. They can recognize business activities as processes and apply the managerial principles of process management. They are able to evaluate current development and visualize/predict future trends.

A special added value in our program are the excursions to companies in the well-known automotive industry or the associated supplier industry, e.g. in the Stuttgart region. In addition, you will regularly receive insights from opinion leaders in the automotive and related supplier industries as part of fireside chats.

Your key learnings at a glance:

  • Deep insights into the structures and processes in the automotive and supplier industry
  • Know-how for the goal-oriented management of your company or organization
  • Decision-making competence in management and new technologies
  • Strengthening your leadership personality
  • Exchange of practical knowledge & expansion of your automotive network with international participants and lecturers
  • Current research results from TU Wien & Fraunhofer Austria
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ACE Benefits


Managers in the automotive and supply industry have to meet different demands due to multi-sectoral requirements. Successful engineers and managers are those who are specialists not only in their field of expertise but who also have in-depth creative and decision-making abilities in related areas such as marketing, business management,  production, logistics quality management and teamwork.

The course offers participants access to international experts, content that is specifically tailored to the requirements of the industry, excursions to major automotive and supplier production sites as well as Business Evening with opinion leaders. The lectures are conducted exclusively in English by major researchers and experts and are carefully designed to ensure a balanced combination of theory and practice.


The international students and the lecturers  are mostly working in the automotive and supply industry. There are other students who are working in other different areas, such as sales, R&D and other business areas. During the program they share the knowledge and experience.  


The program aims to give the student the in depth insights into the automotive industry not only in an overview and case studies but in detail. Students understand the specialties, problems, methods and upcoming trends in the automotive industry starting at brands; systems; development processes; the factory as a system, production systems, quality management, planning and control up to the logistic processes. Being able to understand Automotive Industry holistically and to evaluate current development and visualize the future in an economic, managerial and technological way is the goal. At excursions and field trip students will get more insights into structures and process of the automotive industry on site. 


The excursions to companies in the automotive and supply industry provide participants to link theory and practice. Students are welcomed by the management of the company and can ask after the plant tour questions directly and discuss various topics. In this way students can see the practical implementation of the knowledge that they have acquired in the real world and also can expand their skills. 

Through the excursions to Austrian and German companies  the participants get to know different institutional regulations and different company cultures. In this way, the discussion of different cultures as well as different company cultures is promoted.


The automotive and component supply industry are faced with important challenges, such as changing customer behaviors of the so-called generation XYZ, new players on the market, e-mobility, digitalization, globalization and others. Who ignores trends in the automotive Industry loose the business. In order to hear the current and future trends and challenges Business Evenings with Opinionleaders in the automotive industry will be organized.  As guest speakers, successful managers, executives and experts from the automotive and supply industry are usually selected who can give the participants a "different view of things".


With the Executive MBA Automotive Management Program at the TU Wien, students and alumni benefit from the long-standing tradition in education, excellent lecturers from research and practice and a large alumni network at the TU Wien.


Internationally renowned experts belong to this highly respected faculty, who are distinguished by their in-depth interdisciplinary expertise or extensive practical experience in the automotive and supplier industry.


Because the automotive industry is fundamentally strongly export or import oriented, the industry only functions as an international network. The class consists of international students with different diverse academic and practical experiences in the automotive and supply industry. They create a climate that promotes international and intercultural cooperation and the discussion of international and intercultural aspects. In discussions and group work participants contribute their own perspective and their experience. The intercultural exchange or a mutual understanding process takes place on a professional as well as on a social level. 


Our program is designed for professionals and allows you to balance your job, family and MBA. It allows you to work whilst developing new entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and competencies.

The program runs for 18 months and classes are taught in a block format usually from Thursday- Sunday, usually about every 4 weeks. In total, the program consists of 45 teaching days.


All modules are divided into a preparation phase, the in-class time and a follow-up phase.

The individual preparation phase for a module includes pre-readings, preparation of case studies, preparation of presentations, essays, etc.

A wide variety of teaching and learning methods are used in the courses: from flipped classroom to interactive case studies and simulations or calculations, to classic presentations as well as discussions, group dynamic exercises and reflections.

This is intended to consolidate or apply what has been learned. The follow-up phase includes the writing of term papers, reflection work or exams or working on case studies.