From basic to specialization

In the basic modules "Leadership & Organizational Behavior" and "Management & Technology Essentials" you will receive economic and technical management knowledge and raise your personal leadership skills to a new level.

In the specialization module "Masterclass", you expand and renew your specialist technical knowledge and are informed about the latest trends and tools. Here you will be taught by the Academic Director and experts from the Vienna University of Technology with who you will develop an excellent industry network. After another break you can then deepen your knowledge of the industry on an exciting 6-day study trip to Germany.

At the end of the program you will be asked to devote yourself to a specific topic in the form of your written master's thesis. You will of course be continuously supervised until you graduate.

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Develop and strengthen your role of manager by mastering the three value chains 'EEE':

  • Execution: Focus on strategic important issues
  • Engagement: motivating employees, using and promoting their potential
  • Enhancement: providing impetus for further development and influencing transformation processes (employee and organizational level)

You will learn the core tasks of management to ensure financial performance and operational processes:

  • Corporate accounting, basic financial principles, financing and valuation problems
  • Economic policy and macroeconomic contexts, central economic theories and concepts
  • Data Science and Technology Management, Big Data - applicability  and assessment
  • Statistical methods for collecting and analyzing data
  • Innovation management
  • Marketing analysis, strategic marketing plans and consumer behavior

In the Automotive Management Masterclass, you will acquire new specialized knowledge and gain the latest insights into research and development.

Fundamentals in Operation | 9 Days
You will learn

  • to explain and reproduce the value chain in the automotive industry with all influencing factors.
  • to explain the important terms and contexts of operations management, automated manufacturing systems, process and quality management, auditing and certification.

Advanced Operations in the Automotive Industry | 6 Days
You will learn

  • to describe the topics Lean Management, Smart Maintenance, Information Quality Management and Supplier & Contract Management in the Automotive Industry.
  • to explain interrelationships within the topics of Advanced Operations.
  • to describe developments and effects of digitalization on the Automotive Industry.
  • to name mobility, energy and environmental aspects in the Automotive Industry.


During the international module in Stuttgart, participants will visit the hotspots of the German automotive industry in the Stuttgart area. The international module offers an excellent opportunity to gain insights into various German automotive companies - from small engineering companies to suppliers and OEMs - how they work with their production systems and prepare for future challenges in the automotive industry, such as e-mobility. They will then visit the research laboratory at Reutlingen University and familiarize themselves with the latest research work.

You will learn

- to identify peculiarities, problems, methods and upcoming trends of production in the Automotive Industry.  
- to explain interrelationships and basic relationships between logistics, the entire supply chain, inventory management and transportation

  • Day 1 | Lecture & Discussion: Strategies, Processes, Warehousing I (Werk150)
  • Day 2 | Lecture & Discussion: Advanced Industrial Engineering I (Werk150)
  • Day 3 | Excursions Stuttgart Region: Factory tour Mercedes AMG, Bertrandt Bertrandt Technikum
  • Day 4 | Excursions Stuttgart Region: Porsche Museum, Assembly Taycan, ARENA 2036 Tour + Q&A
  • Day 5 | Lecture & Discussion: Advanced Industrial Engineering II and Strategies, Processes, Warehousing II (Werk150)
  • Day 6 | Lecture & Discussion: Supply Chain Management, Delivery & Transportation (Werk150)

*) Travel expenses and meals are not included in the regular participation fee.


In your Master's thesis, you will work independently on a problem in a topic area of your own choice, in terms of content and using scientific methods. In most cases, this is a question with practical relevance to your own working environment.

Detailed information on the Master's Theses and the full text versions of those not restricted from public use are available on TU Wien's online library catalogue, opens an external URL in a new window