Realization of digitalization projects

The .digital office coordinates, supports and links up many projects as part of the implementation of the digitalization strategy.
You will find selected running projects here:

.dcall 2023 projects

overview .dcall 2023

Seven weeks after the opening, the .dcall 2023 winning ideas have now been selected. Out of 32 submissions, nine project ideas were approved for implementation and are waiting in the wings to start the implementation phase. In addition to these new projects, four follow-up projects from .dcall 2021 and one follow-up project from Student Life Hacks 2.0 will also be implemented this year.

.dcall 2021 projects

.dcall 2021 projects

In the .dcall 2021, project ideas were sought that could help shape the future of TU Wien - be it in teaching, in administrative processes, in research support or in the digital infrastructure. In addition to the central aspect of a digitalization project, it was important that the funded projects could benefit the entire TU. Sustainability and cooperation across individual organizational units were also important factors, since cross-cutting issues can affect as many areas as possible.

.dcall projects 2020

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TU Wien effected a call-for-projects within the framework of its digitalization strategy 2020 with different focal points. The aim of this call-for-projects, which had been developed by the Rectorate together with the .digital office, was to create viable project ideas to raise further topics within the digital transformation process. 

TU Wien digitalization projects for bmbwf 2020-2024

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For several years now, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research puts a focus on the further development of information technology and its infrastructure in all university-related areas due to the immense importance of digitalization for science and research.