.digital office - facilitating and encouraging digitalization!

The .digital office coordinates the implementation process of the digitalization strategy and is responsible for facilitating and designing implementation measures and specific digitalization projects. In doing so, the .digital office supports the institutes and departments in the implementation of these projects and ensures the interconnecting of existing digital competences at TU Wien in order to avoid redundancies and to ensure cost efficiency.

Digital Survival Café

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Take part in the Digital Survival Café and geht yourself connected you with contact persons for all digital issues at TU Wien! Every second Thursday, experts answer your questions on topics related to collaboration, digitalization, web presence, information security and much more. Topics and dates are kept up to date at TU coLAB, opens an external URL in a new window.

Digitalization projects

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The .digital office coordinates, supports and connects various projects within the scope of the digitalization strategy.

Objectives of the digital transformation

Digitalisation Objectives

TU Wien's digitalization strategy  has defined objectives in the areas of research, studying and teaching, administration and infrastructure which are to be realized. These objectives can be condensed into a number of core topics: digital skills, smart campus, data, analytics & prediction as well as platforms and networks.


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Digital tools can be used to make working together with colleagues and in teams a lot simpler. At TU Wien, various new services are currently developed to facilitate collaboration even more.


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.digital roadshow and .digital updates - jointly designing the digital transformation


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You can find your contact persons at the .digital office here

Current .dblog posts

The .digital blog offers posts on interesting topics on digitalization matters in general and the digital transformation at TU Wien in particular:

.dcall 2021: Bundling digital services in a meaningful way

Under the One Stop Shop principle, new digital service options were analysed and developed in three .dcall 2021 projects.

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[Translate to English:] Projekt Project Support as a Service - .dcall 2021

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[Translate to English:] Projekt Digitale Innovaionsplattform - .dcall 2021

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TU Wien has many service units that offer a wide range of services for students and staff. In order to find fresh ideas and perspectives for these services, new ideas for service designs and digital workflows were initiated in the .dcall 2021 under the One-Stop-Shop principle. The introduction of a One-Stop-Shop service brings many advantages, such as the standardisation of processes, the shortening of communication channels or the faster completion of tasks. Services such as work tools and platforms can also have a positive effect here, which is why digital solutions were also analysed and further developed here.

All three projects under the umbrella of .dcall 2021 were able to achieve their goals and were successfully concluded as projects. However, the topics dealt with will continue to be worked on in the future, partly in the respective organisational units, partly as a follow-up project in .dcall 2023 with new goals and tasks. We review the results of these successful projects for you in short videos: