Dynamic developments in their technological and competitive environment force organizations to continuously adapt their resource and competence base as well as their business models, associated products and processes to new circumstances and to ensure their future viability through innovation. In dynamic markets, companies are therefore required not only to effectively use and continuously modify existing organizational capabilities, but also to build (entirely) new ones and integrate them into the organizational competence base (Capability Development & Reconfiguration). This simultaneous coupling of exploring and developing the new with preserving and using the existing is commonly referred to as organizational Ambidexterity. Given the importance of organizations' strategic adaptive capabilities and countless examples of rigidity and failed change, business research has intensively discussed the role of organizational change capabilities (Dynamic Capabilities) that guide organizational development activities through routinized discovery, decision-making, and transformation processes to keep the organization open to change. Our research focuses on how organizations can meet this challenge in order to be successful in the long term and to shape their environment.