Teaching includes both a well-founded training in machine elements (basics in the bachelor's degree, applied machine elements either in the bachelor's or master's degree). The further specializations (machine elements and special machine elements) then take place in the master’s degree. An additional focus is offered in transmissions for aviation (also in the master's degree).


The research area Machine Elements and Transmissions for Aviation deals with the general principles of constructive mechanical engineering and the calculation and design of machine elements. 

Gearboxes and drive systems for various fields of application form a field of work of the research area. The laboratory of the institute allows experimental investigations of drive systems, e.g. wear measurements, acoustic investigations and performance tests. Machine acoustics is another focus. The goal is low-vibration and low-noise gearboxes. For this purpose, sound and vibration investigations are carried out.

Transmissions for Aviation are an important focus, which includes design, research and development as well as testing and monitoring of certification for cooperation partners. After the complete redesign of the laboratory, a universal test rig for aviation gearboxes is available. Cooperations with well-known companies active in aviation ensure the current reference for teaching.

Questions on specific machine design (compressed air technology) are also part of the lectures offered.