Quick First Aid for employees and students!

To help quickly and correctly in an emergency and to use the local and organizational knowledge of the employees, this approach resulted in a first responder group at the TU Wien that is available at all times. The project is supported by Safety and Occupational Health as well as property and fire protection from GUT's Facility Services.

The "First Responder"

The group now has more than 30 employees. We are pleased that students are also actively involved in our project. We have currently formed two groups of helpers at Getreidemarkt and Karlsplatz/Freihaus. In addition to the first-aid rooms and the material kept there, further emergency equipment is available to first responders.


In time-critical emergencies, we bridge the time until the arrival of the ambulance with extended first aid. We also look after student celebrations, graduation ceremonies (graduations and doctorates) and events at the TU Wien.

Who can join?

Everyone can support, because in addition to members with first aid or medical education, we welcome every member who, for example, helps to shorten the therapy-free interval until the arrival of the rescue service due to local knowledge.

Interested TU Wien employees and students are always welcome!


Josef Hajek (GUT) Phone: DW 400603
Dr. Irene Dialer (Safety and Occupational Health) Phone: DW 400654
Prof. Dr. Michael Weigand (IKP) Phone: DW 30730

Flowchart of the rescue chain with first responders "Emergency-emergency call-order-first responders are quickly available at the scene of the emergency and can quickly provide first aid-handing over to the ambulance-possibly further help"

Rescue Chain with First Responders

Advantages of the rescue chain with First Responders available on site - and therefore quickly - to shorten the therapy-free period