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“TUtheSky” - per aspera ad astra – touching the sky with our Real Estate MSc program

Last Thursday, the graduates of our MSc program in Real Estate Management and Valuation proudly received their Master's diplomas in the presence of their families and loved ones in the “TUtheSky” ballroom above the rooftops of Vienna after four demanding but fruitful semesters.

Alumni of MSc "Immobilienmanagement und Liegenschaftsbewertung"

A lot of effort needed but great perspective granted

There is no doubt that it is sometimes challenging when you have to study while working, or as our recent graduate Cordula Biermayer put it in her speech, it was often the case that you had to work while studying. But thats just one more reason for the graduates at the diploma ceremony to feel that they had achieved something quite extraordinary. The MSc course at the TU (ACE) is not something you get without effort, but it really does open up new career prospects. On the one hand due to the comprehensive business licenses that come with it, but also due to the good reputation of the course, the depth of the qualification acquired and (last but not least) the network that you can build up, which cannot be overestimated.

Looking ahead

To stay with the perspective, in addition to the new career prospects for the graduates, there was also a "perspective" of a completely different kind, namely the breathtaking panoramic view over the rooftops of Vienna from our prestigious “TUtheSky” ceremony hall (11th floor) on Getreidemarkt. With a view of St. Stephen's Cathedral and the city center, the catering tasted even better and, in addition to the acquired qualification of the course, many beautiful photos and memories of a memorable day in the lives of the newly graduated masters remain.


Congratulations to our graduates from May 2, 2024:

Veronika Achammer

Cordula Biermayer

Richard Bonomo

Marvin Brichard

Dominik Czeczil

Mara Erdpresser

Raffael Etemad-Rosenmaier

Alexander Hofer

Lukas Hütter

Matthias Jessl

Nikolaus Knehs

Mathias Kroh

Laurenz Kutschera

Florian Lugner

Denise Mustak

Maximilian Plachy

Lisa Prenner

Walfried Prinz

Christoph Prutscher

Lisa-Marie  Riha

Patrick Sabo

Marianne Sar

Christopher Schuler

BZP Award

The third speaker after course director Prof. Bob Martens and Cordula Biermayer was Guido Zorn, who is not only an MSc graduate of our course, but also a partner in the law firm Bischof + Zorn + Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH. This law firm regularly presents the BZP Award for an outstanding Master's thesis on a legal topic.

This time, the prize went to Maximilian Plachy for his thesis on "Maintenance costs of Viennese apartment buildings - empirical analysis and comparison with approaches from the valuation literature".