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TU Wien presents its new, postgraduate continuing education concept

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Due to the growing challenges for the economy and society, the TU Wien is experiencing an increasing demand for individualized continuing education. Therefore, it is intensifying its commitment by offering needs-oriented, future-oriented and sustainable courses. Thus, the team of the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education (ACE), formerly Continuing Education Center, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Güttel, has developed an innovative continuing education concept that combines science, technology and business.

Ready for the challenges of tomorrow

Global challenges shape everyday life in business, industry and society. Not only has the pandemic changed the way we work, but technological change, digitalization and the climate crisis also require companies and their employees to adapt to new situations. "Above all, specialists and executives are facing enormous challenges to actively shape the necessary change processes and implement them profitably in their organization" says Univ.Prof. Dr. Sabine Seidler (Rector of TU Wien). "As the head of one of Europe's leading research institutions in the fields of technology and business, I am therefore proud to be able to present the newly aligned Academy for Continuing Education, a modern continuing education partner for our graduates as well as representatives from business and industry." In accordance with TU Wien's Third Mission, ACE will continue to promote the exchange of knowledge between TU Wien with society and business and to adapt to global changes in an adaptive way.

The new customizability of the programs

To ensure this constant customization, the ACE has recently launched special MBA programs in the field of management. In addition to the new programs on the current topics of Digital Transformation & Change Management, Strategic Management & Technology or Innovation, Digitalization & Entrepreneurship, the established General Management MBA in cooperation with Danube University Krems has also been revised to meet new needs. This can now be completed either part-time in four semesters or as a full-time program in two semesters, something unique in Austria. This makes it particularly suitable for young managers who want to gain the necessary expertise in a relatively short time to reach management positions. Depending on requirements, this further education can then be supplemented with a subject-specific one-semester program - for example in the area of strategic management - in the spirit of supporting lifelong learning.

The new Tech MBA programs in the areas of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Operations Management, Mobility Transformation, Automotive Industry or Modern Workplace & Facility Management are designed to give executives the opportunity to specialize in order to compete in global competition not only with management and leadership expertise but also with technical know-how. Practical insights into the relevant fields of technology development in companies complement the programs.

Leadership skills meet scientific and practical expertise

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Güttel, Dean of the Academy for Continuing Education, knows from experience that "above all, the ability to lead teams and also to master technological change processes is essential in order to be successful as a manager. For executives, we therefore create the space to expand their repertoire of actions through experiential learning and thereby ensure the competitiveness of their companies in the long term." The focus of the master's courses is therefore to a large extent on refining the leadership skills of the participants. These are passed on to the students with innovative teaching methods through training in special settings and joint reflection. The transfer of real leadership experience in a safe space turns experts in technical fields into leaders who can use their newly learned skills in a variety of ways and thus always keep their finger on the pulse of the times. Due to the participants' great interest in interdisciplinary exchange and networking, these trainings at the TUW are mainly held in presence.

On the other hand, according to Güttel, there is also a need for regular updates of subject expertise in order to gain co-determination competence and up-to-date know-how on the latest topics. For this reason, ACE has broadened the content of its programs and, with an innovative program architecture, has ensured that both engineers and managers from different disciplines can find a program that is suitable for them. Thematically, the continuing education programs continue to operate in the areas of Management & Leadership, Real Estate & Building, Sustainability and Energy, as well as Technology & Engineering. International cooperation with renowned research institutions such as the California Institute of Technology, Danube University Krems or Graz University of Technology as well as lecturers and practical partners from business and industry continue to be an important component of postgraduate education at TUW. Further cooperations with renowned institutions in the USA (New York, California), Sweden and Germany are being planned.

However, not only the content has changed a lot, but also the external appearance: the "Continuing Education Center (CEC) of the TU Wien" has become the "TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education (ACE)". With the new title, the affiliation to the TUW is emphasized more strongly. Under the motto "Connecting Science, Technology & Business." ACE thus enters the future as a competent and modern provider of continuing education.

About the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education:

Since 2005, the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education (ACE) has been TU Wien's central contact for postgraduate education at the interface of technology, management and leadership. In an increasingly technological world, we support participants (TU graduates, engineers and managers) in achieving their individual goals and shaping our future. Through the knowledge of our renowned lecturers, we bridge the gap between research and business and combine scientific know-how with practical applicability. In this way, we refine the individual skills of our participants and sustainably increase their professional and private perspectives.

We currently offer 14 master's programs, 3 university courses, and various compact programs that address popular trends (e.g. digitalization, sustainability) and are tailored to the needs of the participants. Accreditations by recognized international institutions distinguish the high quality of postgraduate education at TU Wien. In addition to imparting the most up-to-date and forward-looking knowledge, ACE offers an innovative learning environment with a first-class level of service. To date, more than 2438 executives, high-potentials and professionals from 94 countries have been educated and trained.

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