Travel Allowance

ETIA Travel Allowance for academic work of short duration undertaken abroad


Submission deadline: November 20, 2024

Must be submitted BEFORE the stay abroad!
Applications submitted after the event and applications with incomplete documentation will not be accepted.

Documentation required:

  • Application form       
  • CV (in tabular form)
  • Current consolidated grade record (copy)
  • Statement justifying the research project abroad (approximately 1-2 A4 pages) Description of that part of the work which requires that you spend time abroad
  • Confirmation of acceptance or letter of invitation from the host institution relating to a course or research placement, details of the exact duration of stay (in German or English, via fax or e-mail)
  • Recommendation from the supervisor of your master’s thesis   
  • Letter of recommendation from another professor at the Vienna University of Technology                        

Grant of travel allowance for stays abroad which are related to completion of a master’s thesis may only be made provided such stays are not covered by other grants or academic financial support. Award will be made by a committee on the basis of the financial resources available.
Students do not have an automatic legal right to award of ETIA travel allowance.

The following documents must be submitted no later than one month after you return:

  • Confirmation of completion of stay from the host institution
  • Report on the work you completed (1-2 pages)

The allowance will only be paid on submission of the documents in their original form (not copies).

Other requirements:

  • Applicants must have been accepted for the MSc Environmental Technology & International Affairs at the Vienna University of Technology.
  • No financial support is available for travel costs for stays abroad where the sole purpose is to attend a conference or conferences.
  • Age limit: 35 years old
  • Only one application on per project may be submitted.
  • The application must be submitted before the stay abroad is due to start.

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