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31. May 2023, 16:00 until 17:30

Information event contact points in case of sexualised violence

Information Event

Together with the Dean's Office of Faculty for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering femTUme - the women's network of the Faculty of MWBW - organizes the information event Contact points in case of sexualised violence.

The event is aimed at students and employees of the Faculty of MWBW and provides information about internal TU contact points for those directly affected by sexual harassment, and potential confidants to whom those affected can turn (e.g. supervisors, group leaders, course lecturers).

For those who were unable to attend the information event, a video of the event is available to watch here, opens an external URL in a new window.

Due to the importance of the topic, we look forward to a numerous attendance!

(Organisers: Franziska Chalupa-GantnerViktoria Illyés)

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TU Wien
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