The APPOINTMENT SERVICE supports the Rector with the appointment process. It assists the deans of the eight faculties at TU Wien and all persons and boards involved in this process with the management of the appointment process and provides information to all interested persons on the topics of PROFESSORS and CAREER OPPORTUNITIES.

On these pages, you will find information on the following:
- Structure and duration of an appointment process
- Ongoing and current appointment processes
- New professors at TU Wien (coming soon)
- Professor career paths in Austria today and prior to 2004 (coming soon)
- Guidelines and Quality Assurance measures
- Reporting and forms, incl. guidelines [internal access only, in German]
- Associated measures, such as the Dual Career Advice Service at TU Wien

One of our explicit aims is to ensure that the appointment process is quick, transparent and fair AND that we are able to attract the most suitable academics for research and teaching at TU Wien.

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