The appointment process for professors at a glance

Professors are appointed at TU Wien in a participative process between the faculties, the Senate and the Rector's Office with the support of expertise provided by external referees and experts.

This takes time and therefore an appointment process lasts approximately one year from the call for applications till the finalisation of the appointment negotiations. The period between the end of the call for applications and submission of the shortlist of three candidates lasts around 6-9 months.

The appointment process essentially consists of the FOLLOWING STEPS/PHASES:

1.    Preparation phase:  preparation for the call for applications (initiation and possibly exploratory step)
2.    Call for applications and subsequent initial sitting of the relevant appointments committee (this phase lasts around 2-3 months from the start of the call for applications in the case of Section 98 professors and around 1-2 months in the case of § 99(4) professors)
3.    Gathering experts opinions and subsequent initial sitting of the relevant appointments committee to draw up a shortlist of the most relevant applicants (this phase lasts approximately 2-4 months)
4.    Preparation and development of hearings (only for § 98 professors) with the most relevant applicants. Depending on the applicant situation, this is usually around 6-8 people, incl. subsequent sitting of the relevant appointments committee to draw up a list of the three most suitable candidates (this phase takes up to 3 months)
5.    Appointment negotiations with the Rector

The CURRENT STATUS OF AN APPOINTMENT PROCESS (Preparation, Call for applications, Gathering letters of recommendation, Hearings, Appointment negotiations) can be tracked under "Ongoing appointment processes".

The aforementioned APPOINTMENTS COMMITTEES play a key role in each appointment process and are appointed by the TU Wien's Senate. They consist of representatives from TU Wien from the group of university professors, academic employees and students. The relevant Dean (note: he/she is responsible for the management of one of the eight faculties at TU Wien) and the Dean of Studies may participate to provide information, and also representatives of the Working Group on equal opportunities in an advisory role.