Current Focus Topics (Q1/2020)

Since March 2016, the department of Campus Software Development (CSD) has been responsible for the operation and further development of TU Wien's Information Systems & Services (TISS). The further development of TISS is controlled by the TISS Steering Group. The Steering Group represents the Rectorate as client and decision maker. The steering group carries out the prioritization of the TISS tasks (= change requests and new requests). TISS tasks are deducted from TISS Client Management. The prioritization of the TISS tasks takes place on a quarterly basis and determines the further work process.

In the first section are current tasks, with a brief outlook for the first quarter of 2020.

In the second section are the newly prioritized tasks

Project database

Test and implementation of the application approval incl., questionnaire, administration, requirements concerning small and micro projects as well as own projects


New work packages will be put together and the existing and missing requirements will be identified - also in combination with the implementation of the repository and the restructuring of the application phase PDB, possibly also DMap.

FPF 2.0

New work packages will be put together and the existing and missing requirements will be identified - also in conjunction with implementation of the repository and restructuring of the application phase PDB, possibly also DMap.

LVA Rating 2.0

Reversal of the old FVO valuation, integration of the display of old results in the new system
Admission procedure and aptitude tests

Enlarged project scope: time window for first-time enrollers, improvement of TU-Card printing in the course of the reorganisation of the STAB, upload of scanned ID cards, conversion of CEC students to UHStat-1, support form for applicants, deletion of data


Adaptation of forms in TISS (for applicants and Mobility Services); adaptation of TISS internal processes.
Web Services Data Network

Connection to GT interfaces

GUT - DMS Rental contracts

Tests with users from the GOOD department. Adjustments to the workflow of GUT. User administration (in coordination with First considerations on how to automatically "migrate" rental contracts to the DMDS department for long-term storage.

TU Data Interfaces - Master Data Adjustment-SAP

The implementation of difference reconciliation is on-hold for QI/20 due to resource availability.

Workflow Engine - tendering workflow

Workflow and forms for scientific staff including career positions and project assistants

Workflow Engine - Organization new

Alfresco Process Services customization, prototype tuning, finalization and release
Broadcasts New

Customization of Alfresco Process Services, prototype tuning, finalization and release


Bug fixes and operation
Appointment process

Application status, workflow for releasing the advertisement text, support of the workflow for staffing

Refactoring LVA - Administration

Adaptation of the user interface to the new interfaces, adaptation of the database to the data structures in the interfaces

Rails 5 Upgrade

Completion of the adjustments
Integration Online Payment

Consolidate and establish the processes for monthly e-payment billing in SAP.
Create a catalog of requirements for a TU conference system for holding scientific conferences.
Directly importing lecturers and tutors

completed - possibly carry out last open adjustments

TUdo in on-boarding

Detailed conception and further expansion
Barrier-free paths

Continuation of the project based on the interim results (December 2019)

Library cloakroom box

Transition to full operation. Bug fixes, user interface adjustments and technical improvements.


Process the reported errors from and at the same time work out the requirements for TISS together (possible consideration of guest accounts
Internal events

Test operation for the first stakeholders without disturbing the existing operation for personnel development.

The following new topics have been prioritized for the 1st quarter of 2020

Data Management Plan (DMap)

Dmap = Machine-actionable Data Management planning application. DMap supports the creation of Data Management Plans (DMPs) for research projects. DMap can be linked to the existing CRIS systems of the TU Vienna. The implementation will take place in several phases.

Outlook Q1: Requirements elicitation and start of implementation
Room database

At present, several databases on and about the buildings and rooms of the TU Vienna exist. These databases are hosted and maintained by different departments. These databases will be merged centrally in TISS.
Outlook Q1: Survey the requirements of the different stakeholders. Evaluate necessary technical infrastructure for integration into TISS. Start of the development of the central database in TISS. First mock-up of the user interfaces. Technical considerations on the structure of the API interfaces.

Third gender

For the implementation of the UHS-BV from 1.1.2020, it is sufficient to record only the gender category "diverse".
All further questions connected with the Kickl Decree are currently still open and, according to Ms Schaller-Steidl's assessment, will only be worked out (legally) in the appropriate cases.

Outlook Q1: Only to enable recording without affecting the associated IT systems (salutations, titles, etc. remain male or female). However, for internal use (i.e. TISS), there is a desire to install an optional field "Name with which I would like to be addressed at the TU" in addition to the name field (which is oriented towards the personnel documents). The Department of Gender and Diversity Management of the BMBWF collects all open questions arising from the universities and forwards them to the appropriate departments.