Funding Support - Overview

Project-financed research is fundamental to academic life as well as scientific education and training. Furthermore, it is also used as evaluation criteria of the scientific performance of the university. Numerous Austrian institutions (e.g. FFG, FWFÖAW, WWTF, WAW, ÖAD) offer a large variety of funding possibilities, ranging from basic to applied research.

Funding Support for national funding programmes helps TU Wien researchers in the initiation and application phase of a project. We support them in the correct formal implementation of scientific projects via individual consultancy, online information and information and networking events. In our downloads area you can find information concerning the application, such as the master data of TU Wien, submission guidelines of national funding agencies, as well as templates for documentation of working hours in e.g. FFG-projects.

You can find further information regarding project submission and application in our FAQ and the download area or you can contact us direct.

Personal consultation

For the submission and processing of national funded projects we offer personal consultation on specific issues, e.g. choosing the appropriate funding organisation and programme for your project, the ideal composition of the project team, the amount of the requested budget and time, discussing reviews of rejected proposals and the implications for new applications, advice for hearings, problems regarding project management issues or the final project phase, etc.

Often the informal tips on “Dos and Don’ts” are ultimately decisive for approval. On request, we share our expertise with you striving to optimise the success rate of your proposal. However, we would like to point out, that we are not a proposal office and you are solely responsible for your proposal in terms of content and cost calculation. Concerning the latter you will also find advice in Project Controlling and Support.


Information events on national funding programmes

We regularly organise information events in co-operation with national funding organisations. Here, we usually combine presentations by funding agency experts with successful TU Wien applicants presenting their best practice examples.
The topics range from presentations of specific funding calls in basic and applied research, to scholarship programmes and information on submitting applications and project management.

Wirtschaftsimpulse durch Forschung

The event series “Wirtschaftsimpulse durch Forschung” provides large-scale, inter-faculty information events aiming to stimulate the co-operation between businesses and universities. This is in cooperation with the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. These network events offer an overview of the business-relevant research at TU Wien and promote the TU Wien internal networking between various research fields for the purpose of interdisciplinary activities.

We also offer small-scale events, such as company workshops or expert discussions, where researchers and companies work together on specific questions or a research topic is discussed in an application-oriented way from a researcher’s point of view.

As part of this series of events, we also organise the presentation of your business-related know how, if required, and thereby support you in initiating new company contacts. Some co-operation projects have been started as a consequence of this business-related public relations work (see also best practice co-operations).

Event calendar


Mag. Dr. Elisabeth Schludermann

Head of "Funding Support and Industry Relations"

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DI Petra Rössner

Funding support, industry relations  

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Mag. Astrid Stakne

Funding support, industry relations 

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