Science communication

Science is fascinating to everybody, some people just haven’t noticed it yet.

Fostering the public understanding of science means explaining to the general public how important, how useful and how fascinating science really is. TU Wien – being an important center of scientific and technological research in Austria – considers it extremely important to raise the appreciation of science and to deepen the public understanding of science.

Public relations should consolidate the university’s good reputation and strengthen its position as a research center of crucial importance. We want to make research results accessible to a broad audience – in the best quality possible.

To achieve these goals, a variety of measures must be employed.  Building and improving media relations (press releases, press conferences) is very important. Our internet presence has to be extended and kept up to date. In addition to that, TU Wien participates in projects and events deepening the understanding of science and scientific literacy. Also, we are permanently trying to strengthen the ties between scientists and the media.

Events from 24. February 2020

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