Female Hanns Peter Winter Award laureates

The Hannspeter Winter Award was established at the Vienna University of Technology in 2007. This award aims to honour achievements in research in PhD projects, which have been shown by graduates of PhD study courses at the TU. It is awarded annually. Besides recognising outstanding achievements in research, this award aims to increase awareness of notable achievements of women in the field of research and technology. The prize was first awarded in 2008.

Elisabeth Gruber, 2018
Interactions of Ions with 3D an 2D materials

Anna Ressmann, 2017
Ionic liquid technologies for valuable ingredient isolation from biomass

Katrin Blank, 2016
Mathematical modeling and observer design for the plate temperature in hot rolling

Birgit Schörkhuber, 2015
Stable blow up dynamics for the radial wave equation with focusing power type nonlinearities

Sigrid Böhm, 2014
Tidal excitation of Earth rotation observed by VLBI and GNSS

Iva Brezinova, 2013
Dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates and wave chaos

Moumita Koley, 2012
Synthesis of Novel Compounds Affecting Cell Differentiation

Claudia Dworak, 2011
Novel Concepts for Photoinitiating Moieties

Andrea Weidlich, 2010
Pseudochromatic Colourisation of Crystals in Predictive Image Synthesis

Bianca Mladek, 2009
Exotic phenomena in the phase behaviour of soft matter Systems