Female Ressel Award laureates

Since 2002 the TU Wien Ressel Award is awarded annually to outstanding young scientists and is endowed with 13,000 Euros – appropriated for scientific research. It is named for Josef Ludwig Franz Ressel, an Austrian/Slovenian/Bohemian forestry official and inventor. On Karlsplatz in front of the main building of the Vienna University of Technology, the Resselpark was named for him, and a monument was erected in his honour, too.

Julia Forster, 2017
Neue Werkzeuge für die Stadtentwicklung

Michaela Killian, 2016
Ein Haus, das in die Zukunft blickt - ein prädiktives nichtlineares Regelungskonzept, das voll automatisiert den Komfort steigert und den Energiebedarf senkt

Julia Derx, 2012
Virus and organic carbon removal during bank filtration: the effects of changing hydraulic conditions of large rivers

Kristina Orehounig, 2009
Thermal, acoustical, and visual performance aspects of traditional bath buildings

Vanessa Parravicini, 2006
Anaerobe Biologische Sulfatentfernung aus Industrieabwässern

Brigitte Nikolavcic, 2002