What Content Creation offers

Finding the right format for your stories. The team content creation has expertise in texting and communications. With our experience and knowhow we will find custom solutions for almost all communication matters. In a personal meeting we will find out which medium or channel are the best for communicating your information. With our colleagues from Publishing we will post the stories in the various TU Wien channels.

The team Content Creation is furthermore the link to the rectorate as well as the faculties. We work closely together with the single departments and in doing so find the best concepts and solutions for communication matters.


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We advise you

  • Which channel is best for your communication matters?
  • Which format? Interview, news article or serial news articles?
  • Look & see: videos



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We create and edit texts for print as well as digital media.


ideas and news

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Send us your ideas and proposals

  • specify the topic and write a short abstract
  • add a picture (min. 2000dpi resolution and copyright)

kinds of texts: Glossary

A press release is the most traditional tool when it comes to PR. With a press release the university can reach out to journalists and supply them with the latest news of TU Wien. Press releases need news value for the media as this is the only way a press release finds its way into the papers and magazines as an article.

Public webnews are published on the TU Wien website. These are news about the university with news value and relevance for students, employees and the interested public. 

Internal webnews can also be found on the TUW website. As the name suggests, these are news exclusively for university employees as well as students. 

Social media platforms are still booming. More than 4.2 billion people, opens an external URL in a new window worldwide use social media on a daily basis (status July 2021). This is why the TU Wien focuses on a strong social media presentation and uses Facebook, opens an external URL in a new window, Instagram, opens an external URL in a new window, YouTube, opens an external URL in a new window, LinkedIn, opens an external URL in a new windowTwitter , opens an external URL in a new windowand other channels to share news. With a focus on target groups, news are turned into postings and stories and are placed on the proper TU Wien social media channel.


280 characters have room in our top news for the TUW screens. The most important news, concised and summarised for students as well as employees.