Female honorary doctors
since 1902: 2 women and 173 men

2014 Felicitas Pauss, professor
1994 Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, architect

Female honorary senators
since 1944/55: 5 women and 119 men

2015 Christiana Hörbiger, Unternehmerin
2002 Monika Fehrer, entrepreneur
1986 Herta Haider, head of district
1977 Martina Hörbiger, industrialist
1976 Louise Piech-Porsche, industrialist

Female honorary citizens
since1925: 5 women and 135 men

2013 Evelyn Nowotny, Dr. iur., Ministerialrätin
2005 Gisela Kemmerling, founder of the TU orchestra, wife of prof. Kemmerling
1990 Dr. Rosemarie Fehrer, entrepreneur
1981 Dr. iur. Charlotte Kornek, Head of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Jubilee Fund (Wirtschaftskammer)
1970 Valerie Stoik, long-term Rectorate secretary

Prechtl medal
since 1950: 3 women and 117 men

2015 Ingeborg Hochmair-Desoyer, electrical engineer
1985 Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, architect
1965 Erika Cremer, O. Univ. Prof. of Physics

Female bearers of the medal of honour
since 1985: 7 women and 29 men

2008 Dipl.-Ing. Waltraud Hala, head of Property Management
2005 Mag. Art. Elfriede Zimmermann, graphic designer, entries into the TU Book of Honours, execution oft he certificates of honour
1990 Anna Kienast (long-term department secretary)
1990 Rosalia Karas (long-term cleaner)
1989 Gisela Kemmerling founder TU orchestra, wife of Prof. Kemmerling (gold)
1986 Margarethe Eiser, long-term employee at the Bursary/ accounting (silver)
1985 Jutta Selz, long-term Deanery secretary at the Faculty of Science and Technology (gold)

Female bearers of the medal of honour of the faculties
1 woman and 15 men

2013 Univ.Doz. Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Maria Ebel, Faculty of Physics