Women's traces at the TU Wien

„Female engineers? There aren’t any.“

But there are! This homepage gives visibility to female engineers at the Vienna University of Technology. Starting with the first guest student at the then still College of Technology (Technische Hochschule) in 1908, we can follow women’s traces to this day. Over more than 90 years of women’s history, today’s University of Technology features diverse female life scripts and careers.

By offering insights into the actualities of their lives, giving motivating advice and showing their enthusiasm for their profession, the female researchers interviewed here want to encourage young women to pursue their gifts and talents. They point to the diversity of technical professions, the wide range of research fields and exciting future prospects that a technical education opens up for women.

And again and again, the interviews show the importance of role models; that a key feature in the professional life of many female engineers is the support and encouragement they got from others; and that they should not allow themselves to waver in following their ideas and goals.



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