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.dcall 2023 is open! Submit digitalisation ideas, help shape the sustainable future of TU Wien!

Digitalisation is without question a topic of the future - also at TU Wien. That is why it was particularly important for the Rectorate to continue to invest in future topics despite the well-known financial challenges. Cutting budgets to save money would be the easy way out, but supporting innovative digitalisation solutions and seeing them as an investment in the future is the right way. The Rectorate, together with the .digital office, invites all TU employees to submit their digitalisation ideas by 31 January 2023! Detailed information on the new .dcall can be found in the .dcall 2023 TU coLAB Space, opens an external URL in a new window. Take advantage of this opportunity and help shape the future of the TU Wien!


.digital office - facilitating and encouraging digitalization!

The .digital office coordinates the implementation process of the digitalization strategy and is responsible for facilitating and designing implementation measures and specific digitalization projects. In doing so, the .digital office supports the institutes and departments in the implementation of these projects and ensures the interconnecting of existing digital competences at TU Wien in order to avoid redundancies and to ensure cost efficiency.

Digital Survival Café

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Take part in the Digital Survival Café and geht yourself connected you with contact persons for all digital issues at TU Wien! Every second Thursday, experts answer your questions on topics related to collaboration, digitalization, web presence, information security and much more. Topics and dates are kept up to date at TU coLAB, opens an external URL in a new window.

Digitalization projects

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The .digital office coordinates, supports and connects various projects within the scope of the digitalization strategy.

Objectives of the digital transformation

Digitalisation Objectives

TU Wien's digitalization strategy  has defined objectives in the areas of research, studying and teaching, administration and infrastructure which are to be realized. These objectives can be condensed into a number of core topics: digital skills, smart campus, data, analytics & prediction as well as platforms and networks.


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Digital tools can be used to make working together with colleagues and in teams a lot simpler. At TU Wien, various new services are currently developed to facilitate collaboration even more.


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.digital roadshow and .digital updates - jointly designing the digital transformation


[Translate to English:] .digital office team

You can find your contact persons at the .digital office here

Current .dblog posts

The .digital blog offers posts on interesting topics on digitalization matters in general and the digital transformation at TU Wien in particular:

TUbe - Videos for everyone, anytime, anywhere

At least since the pandemic, videos have grown exponentially in importance - not only to document and transmit complex information in a sustainable manner, but also as an essential part of communication. Personal meetings have increasingly migrated towards online meetings with Zoom or MS Teams. This growing variety of videos has now been given a central platform that is available to all organizational units at TU Wien: the TUbe video portal.

[Translate to English:] Ankündigung Videoportal TU Wien

At the beginning of the pandemic-related restrictions in March 2020, a workable solution for storing and retrieving lecture videos had to be created quickly and easily. With TUpeertube, a solution was found and set up in the shortest possible time, despite the most adverse conditions and all the limitations of the platform. However, videos with more sensitive content such as recordings of internal events, conferences or meetings could not find a suitable home there due to the lack of an authorization system.

It quickly became evident that a permanent and viable solution would replace the existing system in the medium term. And now the time has come: TU Wien has a new video platform called TUbe, which can be accessed at https://portal.tuwien.tv/, opens an external URL in a new window. Technically, it is based on the software Digital Media Library from Planet eStream and runs in the MS Azure Tenant of the TU Wien (Germany West Central). The platform can now be used by all TU members. You can log in at any time with your upTUdate login and view and upload videos - students can access with their TUmail and the associated password.

From very private to public

Depending on your permissions, you can share videos with individually selected users of the platform, make them accessible to the entire TU or share them with external - anonymous - users. Special macros have been developed for the platforms TU coLAB, TUwiki and for the TU website so that you can also embed and display your videos here.

Search and find

TUbe offers several ways to make your videos easier to find. For example, use meaningful metadata to facilitate searching for others. You can add private notes to your recordings and also comment on other people's recordings. Create playlists to group videos by topic. Chapters help to find your way in long videos. The assignment of your recording to one or more categories is automatically displayed in the respective overview pages.

Here's how we will proceed

In the next expansion step, TUbe should not only get a new look & feel, but also a publicly accessible area - so you can decide whether your media can also be viewed without registering, or should only be available within TU Wien. Extensions and features are planned in cooperation with other Austrian universities that use the same software. And the German translation of the interface is also being done together with WU Wien, opens an external URL in a new window, Vienna Medical University, opens an external URL in a new window and UWK, opens an external URL in a new window - the UWK is also already using the platform operated by the TU Wien as an inter-university shared service.

TUbe Support & Trainings

Due to the variety of options and features that are available to you with TUbe, training courses on different topics are offered on an ongoing basis. All dates can be found in the overview on TUbe training dates, opens an external URL in a new window. There is a separate channel in TUchat (#videodrome), opens an external URL in a new window where you not only get timely answers from the video team, but you can also exchange ideas with other users of the platform. We supplement the knowledge base, opens an external URL in a new window set up specifically in TU coLAB, which is constantly being expanded and updated, with English-language training courses, opens an external URL in a new window offered by the software manufacturer Planet eStream. If you have any further questions about the platform, please contact video@tuwien.ac.at, opens in new window.

Contact information .digital office

e-mail: digitaloffice@tuwien.ac.at

TUchat, opens an external URL in a new window: #digital, #tu_colab community or via direct message to the team members

TU coLAB: https://colab.tuwien.ac.at, opens an external URL in a new window