In the first quarter of 2021, the following tasks were processed. 

Overview Operation

EWP test system connection
Preparation of first OpenShift Prod Services
Official signature
Research API Gateway

Fast Lane

Distance Learning - processing dates February
Contact person management - TISS Scanner
Delete LVA-News immediately on user request
E-Payment: Change registration from user/password to token at Six
TISS Tasks - Progress in Q1/2021
Web services data network
Adjustment of determination of substitute identifiers, coordination with BRZ regarding test strategy

Admission procedures and eligibility checks

Extension of the support view to include copies of ID cards

Online admission

Definition of the process, ongoing implementation for the following views: Application overview for study department and deaneries, detailed view for deaneries, administration of standard texts for supplementary examinations, access authorisations for deans of studies and deanery staff members.

Learning spaces

Test and adapt display (campus vs. locations). Insert links of the rooms to TUmaps. Prepare texts for release version 1.0.

Introduction of official signature

Acceptance of the signature website by the study department and release, upload to Alfresco and official signature of all generated documents from the student self-service, study department and CEC, refactoring of the internal administration of documents, research on long-term validation and validity of signatures.


Revision of metadata, API for daily comparison of PSP items, improvements in usability, user manual, user training by department, bug fixing

TOKU - Case management (FAW/ Boku) - basic framework

Test with real data by FAW and Boku, optimisation of code base, transfer of results to TU system, integration of automated tests for adaptations (CIPipeline) authentication, loading and displaying of cases from the backend, specification of requirements for FTS

Internal events / TU events

Code transfer of the PE department into the general framework TU-Events started. First event held together with "Energy and Environment". Revise roles and rights system for flexibility.

TISS redesign

Design implemented in jTISS and rTISS. First complete test environment in the new design. Enhancements for test instances implemented (different colours, dev info in footer, etc.).

AHESN next

Quality assurance of sending interface for info and LVA resource. Implementation of sending interface for individual performance and recognition resource.

Locking system new

In consultation with PKE, identify, reprogram and replace individual interfaces.

Appeal process

No processing in QI/21

Automated SAP invoices

Finance clarifies with SAP department possible overlaps with other projects.

Conference with payment system

Integrate ConfTool into productive system.

Workflow Engine - tender workflow

Completion and release of workflow and UI for academic staff and apprentices, automatic transfer of advertised jobs into application management (prof. and LB positions), adaptation of process for FB application management, improvement of usability of the application and task overview.

Plagiarism software

Contact regarding connection ZeSL/turnitin

Optimised data transfer TISS <-> TUWEL

TISS - TUWEL course connection new, preparation API for TUWEL OID - TISS ID migration

Automated LectureTube data synchronisation

Activation of Lecture Tube via button from course admin (this supports the introduction of LectureTube Studio)

Online Learning Agreements (Erasmus without Papers)

Start of development of new mobility services, implementation of Basic API of EWP network and Online Learning Agreement APIs as well as corresponding user interface (outgoing export into EWP, create OLA for student, student fills in OLA, Sending HEI signs OLA, student signs OLA, guest university gets CNR, guest UNI can create comments)

Billing Tool Research Centres

Faculty was on site. Requirements collected from faculty.

PDB Plus - further development

Requirements are transferred to new tasks. The implementation of the application phase and processing of projects has been completed. Expiring tickets have been processed. The focal points of further development are described in new tasks.

Publications (replacement of resposiTUm and publication database)

Submit for report implemented, support for import of metadata of publications, start of definition of metadata for remaining publication types, further development of reposiTUm (statistics and preview), layout adjustments of dSpace to TU Vienna specifications (and TISS redesign), preliminary work on migration, adoption of further developments in dSpace from last year, validation process defined.

Data Management Plan (Dmap)

Completion and acceptance of prototype ("demo release"). Further developments to complete version 1 (forms, separation general versions / TU version, additional funding body information, admin functions).

RIS Synergy

Completion of the use cases and user stories. Start with detailed development of the interface definition based on the metadata process and further training of the new staff on these topics. Prioritisation of work packages

Charm offensive PDB

Display open tasks in the PDB (My Tasks), revise entry pages and menu navigation, settings already made by the user should be saved (table views). Proposal for making call information selectable when creating a project submitted.

Think Tank PDB

Automated creation of W internal orders from PDB to SAP, project editing improved

Extension with new project types


Report additional resources Research

Charm offensive PDB

Room data - V2