Since the start of the 2006 summer semester, the staff of Educational Technologies has been maintaining the Moodle, opens an external URL in a new window-based central learning platform TUWEL, opens an external URL in a new window as well as responding to requests from lecturers and students to develop new functionalities, modules and blocks. 


TUWEL supplements the TU Wien information system TISS, opens an external URL in a new window with virtual course management functionalities for digitally supported courses. Large-scale networking of the two systems in terms of user administration (single sign-on, the TU Wien authentication service) and exporting notes, for instance, allows the course to run smoothly and improves the quality of the teaching, as is confirmed by a steady rise in user numbers.

Open source & further development

Moodle’s open source concept allows the global community to adapt the software, and taking TU Wien as an example, makes it possible to meet the requirements of both teaching staff and students. 

Some of these customizations and developments devised by the service unit of Educational Technologies and within the AMC, opens an external URL in a new window, are partially made available to the wider Moodle community and can be found on the AMC homepage, opens an external URL in a new window.

We pay attention

It has emerged from individual consultations with teaching staff regarding supplementing their courses with digital TUWEL courses, that Moodle is an excellent solution right out of the box and already meets almost all user requirements. To ensure the best-possible presentation of the educational scenarios in use at TU Wien, and as requested both by teaching staff and students, adaptations, enhancements and new features for TUWEL are constantly being devised.

Changes and further developments

The changes contained in the version updates can be found in the TUWEL tutorial course , opens an external URL in a new windowin the documents "What’s new in TUWEL".

TU Wien staff and students can also find out more about specific TUWEL adaptations and developments in the TUWEL tutorials, opens an external URL in a new window section.

A list of all the published plug-ins we provide for the Moodle community is directly visible on the Moodle plug-in page, opens an external URL in a new window.

Do you have any ideas?

If you have any ideas or requests for the further development and improvement of TUWEL, which would add value for various TUWEL users, please contact TUWEL Support directly at:
We will gladly address these ideas and consider whether they add value for the whole of TU Wien.