LectureTube Upload

LectureTube Upload: Upload videos via TUWEL courses to LectureTube

Let your creativity run wild when creating your videos. You can use any tool for it, post-process the videos as you like or record your meetings. LectureTube Upload is integrated with TUWEL and allows you to independently upload your self-recorded educational videos to your LectureTube series and share them with your audience via TUWEL.


LectureTube Upload includes:

  • Integration in TUWEL
  • Automatic selection of a lecture series via the selected TUWEL course
  • Upload of the video to LectureTube
  • Email notification as soon as the video is available




LectureTube Upload in TUWEL

LectureTube Upload in TUWEL

 LectureTube recording series in TUWEL

LectureTube recording series in TUWEL

Ticket Support

For questions on LectureTube, please contact us through our ticket line: support@lecturetube.tuwien.ac.at

Online Office Hours

We offer a one-hour Office Hour for teachers to answer questions on topics such as TUWEL, LectureTube (Live), Zoom, etc. The Office Hours take place every Tuesday and Thursday between 16:00-17:00 via Zoom, opens an external URL in a new window (online).