LectureTube Editor: cut and inspect your videos as soon as you wish

Since the summer semester of 2022 lecturers have the possibility to use the new LectureTube feature "LectureTube Editor". This feature enables users to independently crop their videorecordings to the exact length of their lecture and afterwards release it according to the visibility settings previously assigned in TISS. Furthermore users can remove parts (e.g. pauses) from the middle of the video, if they don't wish to publish them. The "LectureTube Editor" is available for lecturers through the corresponding TUWEL-course. Further documentation for the LectureTube Editor is available at TUWEL Tutorials Course, opens an external URL in a new window.


LectureTube Editor includes:

  • Cropping of recordings to precise start and endpoint 
  • Possibility to cut out pauses
  • Possibility to directly release videos according to the visibility settings defined in Tiss


LectureTube Editor requires:

  • a video-recording recorded in a lecture hall equipped with LectureTube 
  • setup of the respective course in Tiss and TUWEL


If you have any further questions regarding LectureTube Editor we are happily at your disposal at: support@lecturetube.tuwien.ac.at