Do you have questions about the ethical requirements of research funders, ethical review, scientific integrity or other aspects of research ethics? Would you like to participate with your research group in a workshop tailored to your needs?

We support researchers and teachers of TU Wien in questions concerning research ethics and research integrity. The focus of the Service Unit is on the support of research and promotion of conditions under which responsible research takes place today. The Service Unit also advises the Rectorate, the faculties and institutes on their strategic orientation in the area of research ethics and research integrity. Achieving and maintaining the highest standards for research ethics, including research integrity, are central responsibilities of research performing organizations and institutions of higher education today.

What is research ethics?

Ethical issues can arise in particular when the research involves humans. In general, the central concern is not to cause harm to humans, animals, the environment, or society in or through research activities.

What is research integrity?

The core principles of research integrity include reliability, honesty, respect, and accountability. A working group is currently revising the TU Code of Conduct, opens an external URL in a new window based on the newest edition of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, opens an external URL in a new window (“ALLEA Code”, 2023).


Bettina Enzenhofer and Marjo Rauhala with laptop and landline phone

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Team picture of Marjo Rauhala and Bettina Enzenhofer

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Team picture of Marjo Rauhala and Bettina Enzenhofer, between them is a big question mark

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