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Dr. Marjo Rauhala MSSc., BA: Marjo Rauhala is the head of the Service Unit of Responsible Research Practices with tasks including supporting members of the TU research community in identifying and addressing ethical dimensions in their research proposals and setting up research ethics structures for the university. Drawing on a theoretical background in philosophical, biomedical and research ethics and hands-on engineering ethics from collaboration in TU research teams, Marjo Rauhala has gained a broad expertise and experience in the field of research ethics.

Phone: +43 1 58801 406630

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Mag.a Bettina Enzenhofer, MA is among other things responsible for the organization of the Research Ethics Committee. She has a background in social sciences (journalism and communication studies, gender studies). Before working in the field of research ethics, she was a staff member in the Office for Gender Competence at TU Wien for five years and involved in different projects, most recently: H2020 project “Gender Equality in Engineering through Communication and Commitment”. Further stations were the Medical University of Vienna and the University of Vienna, before that also the cultural sector. In addition, Bettina Enzenhofer has been working as a freelance journalist for 17 years.

Phone: +43 1 58801 406631

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Mag. Dr. Lisa Sigl: Lisa Sigl works as Senior Lecturer at the Service Unit of Responsible Research Practices. Amongst others, she is developing courses and workshop series for PhD and Master programs and train-the-trainer possibilities, using a range of interactive tools (like card-based discussion formats) and case-based learning. She is experienced in teaching and doing empirical research in Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), with a particular interest in the potential of inter- and transdisciplinary research and the role of research in solving societal and environmental problems.

Current teaching:
350.004 Responsible Research Practice, opens an external URL in a new window (German)
056.004 Ethics and Responsibility; Introduction to responsible research practice, opens an external URL in a new window (English)

Current trainings / Didactics in Higher Education:
Responsible Research and Inovation - Workshop on Research Integrity, opens an external URL in a new window (English)
How to Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten (German)

Phone: +43 1 58801 406633