New Horizon Europe project: Challenges and Innovative Changes in Research Ethics Reviews (CHANGER)

[March 2024] The Horizon Europe project “Challenges and Innovative Changes in Research Ethics Reviews” (CHANGER), opens an external URL in a new window started on 1 January 2024 with TU Wien as part of the international consortium. Rapid scientific and technological advances (such as artificial intelligence) also pose new challenges for ethics reviews.

The three-year EU project with 18 project partners is dedicated in particular to innovative methods of ethics reviews. The overall objective of CHANGER is, on the one hand, to support ethics committees in addressing new challenges and, on the other hand, to empower researchers to incorporate research ethical deliberation right from the project design stage (ethics by design).

TU Wien’s Service Unit of Responsible Research Practices is part of the consortium and involved in all of project’s work packages. Together with the Norwegian Institute for Sustainability Research (NORSUS, opens an external URL in a new window), the Service Unit leads a work package that focuses on novel approaches and tools to support the ethics reviews. The experience gained by the Service Unit in implementing the TUW Research Ethics Committee is highly relevant for this work package.

The project ends on 31.12.2026. Project updates can be found on the CHANGER website, opens an external URL in a new window, on X, opens an external URL in a new window and LinkedIn, opens an external URL in a new window.


New Service Unit Responsible Research Practices

[April 1, 2022] This is no April fool's joke: As of April 1st, 2022 the Research Ethics Coordination will become a separate Service Unit for Responsible Research Practices. The new service unit E619-03 is located directly in the Vice Rectorate for Research and Innovation. The establishment of this new service unit was decided by the Rectorate on December 21, 2021. We are looking forward to continuing our good collaboration with all members of the TU Wien community within this new organizational framework.


ÖAWI: Whistleblower system for suspected cases of research misconduct

[June 2021] TU Wien is a member of ÖAWI, the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity. ÖAWI promotes awareness for the Standards of Good Scientific Practice.

Since March 2021, ÖAWI offers a new service: A confidential whistleblower system for suspected cases of research misconduct, anonymous if required. Whistleblowers can seek advice from ÖAWI on issues of research integrity or submit a description of the situation and associated documents for inspection by the Commission for Research Integrity. The BKMS whistleblowing system is used for this purpose.

Further information and whistleblowing software:, opens an external URL in a new window and, opens an external URL in a new window


Horizon Europe: How to Complete Your Ethics Self-Assessment

[April 2021] Along with the new Framework Program Horizon Europe launch, some changes to the ethics appraisal scheme have been implemented. Your application is expected to provide an ethics self-assessment in which you identify and address any relevant ethics issues in your proposed work. When applying for European funding, make sure you refer to the newest version of the “How to Complete Your Ethics Self-Assessment”.  The first version has been published on March 5, 2021., opens an external URL in a new window The European Commission will periodically update the document.

In particular, we want to draw your attention to artificial intelligence as the new ethics issue that must be addressed in the application procedure. Moreover, the concern for the misuse of research results is a cross-cutting issue, and the relevant aspects to consider have been elaborated in the “How to…” document.