A Sounding Board for the support of the Service Unit of Responsible Research Practices was established in 2023. Members of the Sounding Board include international experts in topic of responsible research. The Sounding Board meets once a year in Vienna with the RRP staff and collaborates in organizing a workshop on current themes in research ethics. The workshop is open to all interested TUW employees.

Members of the Sounding Board:

  • Jonas Åkerman (Stockholm University)
  • Rafaela Hillerbrand (KIT Karlsruhe)
  • Matthias Kaiser (University of Bergen)
  • Walter Peissl (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
  • Krista Varantola (University of Tampere)
Group picture of the Sounding Board, the Service Unit of Responsible Research Practices and Vice Rector Johannes Fröhlich

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Sounding Board 2023 at the first meeting in Vienna, f.l.t.r.: Bettina Enzenhofer (Service Unit of Responsible Research Practices), Rafaela Hillerbrand, Jonas Åkerman, Matthias Kaiser, Walter Peissl, Vice Rector Johannes Fröhlich, Marjo Rauhala (Head of Service Unit of Responsible Research Practices)