Research Support and Services

Research and Transfer Support

The Research and Transfer Support department supports researchers and research groups at TU Wien in various research and utilisation activities.

One of the major contributions that TU Wien makes to society is in passing on the knowledge gained from its research activities so that society can benefit from them. Leading on from this, the core activities of Research and Transfer Support are focused on providing a service to researchers in collaborative projects, rather than maximising the financial return from them. This ensures that the benefit to society of research projects is the focus of interest. The university’s own system for utilising the expertise at TU Wien, which this department helped to create, is required to bring benefits for individual researchers, research groups and institutes, and for the whole university.

An important goal of the activities of the university’s Research and Transfer Support department is to position TU Wien as a first class research institution, nationally and internationally. 

Research- and Transfersupport

European and International Research Support

As a central service provider at TU Wien, EU Research Support (EURS) provides information and advice to researchers, administrative staff and management in preparing and carrying out EU projects and other international research projects. Horizon 2020, the EU programme for research and innovation (2014–2020), is a key area of our information and advice activities, together with complementary research and technology initiatives. EU Research Support.

European and International Research Support

Funding support and Industry Relationsteam

The "Funding Support and Industry Relations" support unit is the central point of contact for researchers at TU Wien and interested partners from the public and private sectors. We provide advice to  TU Wien researchers on how to obtain third-party funding. As a bridge between business and academia, we support the search for collaboration partners.

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Research Compliance

Compliance means adhering to applicable law, regulations, policies, codes of conduct and thus conducting business processes compliant with rules. Coordination Research Compliance aims at translating the large number of partially complicated regulations in research into convenient working structures, bringing them together and support researchers to do their research in a legally compliant way.

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Research Data Management

Center for Research Data Management is TU Wien's point of contact if you have questions handling your research data.


Research Ethics

Achieving and maintaining the highest standards for research ethics, including scientific integrity, are central responsibilities of research performing organizations and institutions of higher education today. To meet these responsibilities, TU Research Ethics Coordination has been set up in the RTI Support (Research, Technology, Innovation) to offer a service in questions relating to research ethics for the entire university.

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Research Information Systems

The division of Research Information Systems supports TU Wien in this ongoing profile sharpening within the framework of regular evaluations and continuous analyses and guides the strategic development of the research information systems at TU Vienna.

Research Information Systems

Research Coordination

We are a coordination office for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary networking in research. We offer an open network and serve as a communication platform for researchers throughout all of TU Wien, with the aim of facilitating new ideas and collaborations and developing holistic cross-faculty solutions.

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Research Marketing

Research Marketing organises presentations relating to our key areas for shared TU Wien stands at trade fairs, and supports appearances of research groups at the specialist fairs.


Innovation Incubation Center

TU Wien’s Innovation Incubation Center (i2c) offers bespoke activities on the topic of entrepreneur-ship – from training and incubation programmes,
start-up consultancy and lecture series through to networking events with potential investors and industry partners.

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more support

Projectcontrolling and Projectsupport Service Unit

The main focus of the Projectcontrolling and Projectsupport Service Unit is to provide tailored assistance to academic staff at TU Wien so they can manage the financial side of their projects efficiently.

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Gender Competence

TU Wien is committed to advancement opportunities for women and to creating positive, career-promoting conditions for women. It therefore views achieving the objective of providing women and men at TU Wien with development opportunities in line with their qualifications and eliminating or levelling out existing disadvantages for women as a shared responsibility of all university members.

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