The main focus of the Service Unit of Projectcontrolling and Projectsupport is to provide tailored assistance to academic staff at TU Wien so they can manage the financial side of their projects efficiently. Alongside financial advice relating to specific funding bodies within the remit of support relating to EU audits, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), this Service Unit focuses on personnel costing for third-party staff and research project management.

It is also responsible for implementing the directives on the reimbursement of costs, opens a file in a new window and helping when it comes to incorporating research projects into the end of year accounts.

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Areas of responsibility Project controlling and support

The Projectcontrolling and Projectsupport Service Unit assists in the costing for contract research projects, for example by providing projections for personnel hourly rates, and is responsible for approving these kinds of projects in the project database.

The primary focal points of EU audit support are the preparation of EU projects requiring audits and support for the associated cost reporting. The Projectcontrolling and Projectsupport Service Unit helps to prepare for audits and guides institutes through the entire audit process.

All of the costs incurred as part of an EU project are put through a preliminary audit process to check that the necessary proof has been provided. Audit documents are not passed on to the auditor until this preliminary audit has been performed. EU support is incorporated into the written communication with the auditor. Materials containing comprehensive details, a dedicated TU Insight report and one-to-one advice also all help ensure that finances are managed efficiently.

The main element of Austrian Research Promotion Agency support is consultations on projects involving the FFG, which are conducted in line with this funding body’s accounting guidelines. A range of services, including one-to-one advice on accounting, costing support and provision of informative materials, are offered to guarantee efficient financial management.

The main element of Austrian Science Fund support is the financial management of projects involving the FWF. Consultations on the eligibility of individual cost elements and the compilation of end of year and final accounts are just some of the tasks that fall within the scope of Austrian Science Fund support. The team offering Austrian Science Fund support also acts as a point of contact for the FWF as far as accounting procedures are concerned.

The Projectcontrolling and Projectsupport Service Unit helps project managers at TU Wien to create, manage and complete research projects within the project database. As well as having the project master data recorded in the project database, third-party staff and their personnel costs are assigned to individual projects. Projects are also reviewed on an ongoing basis in the project database ready for the end of year accounts and projects are completed.

The Projectcontrolling and Projectsupport Service Unit offers the following services surrounding personnel costs: Management of personnel cost allocation in TISS, calculation of personnel hourly rates, calculation of personnel costs incl. all non-wage labour costs, evaluation of actual personnel costs, forecasts for personnel costs, preparation of annual wage accounts and documentation for personnel costs.

The organisational development project brings about changes to accounting allocation in the area of third-party funding, for instance. You can find more detailed information on the outcomes and changes on the subpage.