High-level research necessitates professional support, ongoing analysis and monitoring. The Service Unit Research Information Systems (RIS)  at TU Wien plays a pivotal role in assessing and analysing research performance in accordance with university and ministry requirements.

Main tasks of the Service Unit of Research Information Systems (RIS) include:

  • Ensuring the collection of research performance data in line with demand.
  • Analyzing TU Wien's research focus areas and continuously monitoring the TU Wien research matrix.
  • Developing and maintaining a consistent reporting system in the fields of research, innovation ,and international affairs, including documentation and knowledge management.
  • Managing research information as a basis for responsible research evaluation.
  • Ensuring data quality in research information systems.
  • Improving and developing digital research support and user-friendly research administration.
  • Serving as a point of contact for researchers regarding content and structural inquiries related to TU Wien's research information systems (project database, reposiTUm, research portfolio).
  • Participating in and coordinating cooperation projects at TU Wien in the field of FTI support.
  • Leading national cooperation projects in the field of FTI support.
  • Establishing and maintaining national and international connections related to research information systems.

Research Support Wiki

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The project We are Research provides researchers at TU Wien with easily accessible information about services available to them throughout the course of a research project. The wiki pages offer an overview of contacts and topic-related services in all phases of the research project life cycle, spanning from proposal submission to dissemination and data archiving.

Research Reports

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A substantial core activity of the Service Unit Research Information Systems (RIS) is to ensure the continuous monitoring of TU Wien's research performance and to support the development of strategic planning from the rectorate and faculties through tailored in-depth evaluations and analyses.

Research Portal

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The Service Unit of Research Information Systems (RIS) works actively on developing and enhancing the digital research support and its user-friendly administration. It serves as a point of contact for researchers and provides assistance regarding the content and structure of TU Wien's research information systems.

RIS Synergy

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RIS Synergy is a digitalization project funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research (BMBWF) that builds upon its proposal for a digital transformation in higher education


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Within the framework of the ARI&Snet project, an institutionalized national network is being established for the coordination, planning, and management of research facilities, services, research information, and research data infrastructure.


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The Service Unit of Research Information Systems is actively engaged in various national and international networks and works to shape ongoing content and technical developments related to research information.