A substantial core activity of the Service Unit Research Information Systems (RIS) is to ensure the continuous monitoring of TU Wien's research performance and to support the development of strategic planning from the rectorate and faculties through tailored in-depth evaluations and analyses.


TUinsight, opens an external URL in a new window is an internal up-to-date reporting system at TU Wien; it offers a quick overview of finances, personnel, publications and projects. It provides standardized reports on research projects and publications, bringing together information from various research information systems in one place. 

Standardised Reports

In addition to TUinsight reports, other specific reports are prepared for various target groups, which include: the rectorate, the deans, the heads of institutes, as well as colleagues from central divisions. Specific reports are, for example, supplementary reports for the intellectual capital report, regular research focus analyses, annual report and financial statement, and monitoring institute-specific performance criteria.

Custom Queries

Upon request, the Service Unit Research Information Systems also creates tailored queries from TU Wien's databases which best match individual needs. Examples include queries on specific research topics, cooperation partners, or funding opportunities.