IdealWork: Individualizeable Work Systems in Manufacturing

Design paradigms in industrial engineering rely on standards and universal guidelines. Universal design significantly ignores marginalized groups of people and rather focuses on fitting work systems to average workers. The IdealWork, in contrast, establishes a novel theoretical framework for inclusive design of individualizeable work systems in the context of manufacturing. The main hypothesis of IdealWork is that multiplication of the requirements and influential factors in design of individualizeable cyber-physical-socio work systems leads to a complexity in optimal, inclusive design and implementation of manufacturing systems. IdealWork establishes a hybrid approach for inclusive design of individualizeable work systems, where the scope of traditional industrial engineering methods are extended by employing i) Human-centered Design and User-Sensitive Inclusive Design methods, ii) Data-driven methods and iii) Knowledge Management approaches for modeling human-AI cooperation in manufacturing.

Further information about the project, which is funded by TU Wien, can be found on our project homepage  IdealWork​​​​​​​