The banner shows the institute building at Theresianumgasse 27 in Vienna's fourth district. This is a street-side shot. The detail shows primarily the first floor and the balcony on the second floor.

Welcome to the Institute of Management Science

The Institute of Management Sciences (IMW) consists of the following research areas and research groups:

Under the motto "Digitalized Working World ", the Institute of Management Science focuses on the design and management of socio-technical & cyber-physical systems.

A graphic to visualize the assignment of the research topics of the Institute of Management Sciences to the cluster topics incumbent upon them. These are: "Automation and robotics", "Emerging digital technologies", "Leadership and learning", "Sustainable cyber-physical systems" and "Technology assessment. Eleven research topics can be assigned to the five cluster topics, although some are assigned more than once. For example, Production, Logistics & Maintenance Systems and Advanced Industrial Engineering can be assigned to all cluster topics. While Human-Robot Collaboration can only be assigned to the category Automation and robotics, the following three topics "Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management in CP Production Systems", "New ways of Working & Work Space Management" and "Digital Assistance Systems" all fall into the two topics "Emerging digital technologies" and "Leadership and learning". "IT-based Management, on the other hand, can only be assigned to the former. "Financial Enterprise Management" falls under Leadership and Learning and Sustainable cyber-physical systems, "Enterprise Risk Management" falls under the latter and under Technology assesment, which is our last category. Gender in Science & Technology" and "Social and societal implications of digitization.