The Institute of Management Sciences (IMW) consists of the following research areas and research groups:

Under the motto "Digitalized Working World ", the Institute of Management Science focuses on the design and management of socio-technical & cyber-physical systems.

A graphic to visualize the assignment of the research topics of the Institute of Management Sciences to the cluster topics incumbent upon them. These are: "Automation and robotics", "Emerging digital technologies", "Leadership and learning", "Sustainable cyber-physical systems" and "Technology assessment. Eleven research topics can be assigned to the five cluster topics, although some are assigned more than once. For example, Production, Logistics & Maintenance Systems and Advanced Industrial Engineering can be assigned to all cluster topics. While Human-Robot Collaboration can only be assigned to the category Automation and robotics, the following three topics "Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management in CP Production Systems", "New ways of Working & Work Space Management" and "Digital Assistance Systems" all fall into the two topics "Emerging digital technologies" and "Leadership and learning". "IT-based Management, on the other hand, can only be assigned to the former. "Financial Enterprise Management" falls under Leadership and Learning and Sustainable cyber-physical systems, "Enterprise Risk Management" falls under the latter and under Technology assesment, which is our last category. Gender in Science & Technology" and "Social and societal implications of digitization.