The Institute of Management Sciences (IMW) consists of the following research areas and research groups:

The history of the institute since the 1950s

In the mid-1950s, an organizationally and economically oriented engineering education was realized in close cooperation between TU Wien and Austrian industry as well as with the support of American and Swiss institutions and universities. Professors Tschirf, Illetschko and Thumb developed the syllabus for the new field of study "Management Science" within the scope of mechanical engineering, beginning in the academic year 1958/59.

  • Prof. Thumb became professor of the newly established Institute of Labor Science in 1964.
  • 1976 Creation of the Chair of Industrial Business Administration and Methodology.
  • In 1980, the Institute of Labor Science, the departments of Industrial Engineering and Management and the Institute of Industrial Business Administration were merged to the Institute of Labor and Management Science (ABW).
  • 1985 Renamed to the Institute of Industrial Management, Labor Science and Business Administration.
  • 1995 Expansion by introducing a department for industrial financing.
  • 2004 Renamed to the Institute of Management Science (IMW)